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Open Letter to Christian Churches

We often compare the current situation to that of the spring of 1939, whereas today, for most of our Western democracies, the future on earth certainly looks much bleaker than it was appearing to generations then.

Like now, war seemed imminent, and already represented all the horrors we know about the years who went to follow, but hope in Christ was totally different, for the impact of the church on society was very different from what it is today. In these Western democracies, everyone relied on the values of the religious societal consensuses that had been formed over the centuries, in an often-fierce desire to fight the "evil" that Nazi Germany represented for the majority of them at that time. If not all of them necessarily believed in God, those who were most convinced of the merits of God's work in Jesus Christ led those who were most reluctant towards God into a hope of freedom of which not all necessarily had the same vision, although all then shared the same hope on how to obtain it.

It is therefore this hope to obtain victory over "evil" that differentiates us from those previous generations, for if this evil has not changed and is still called "Satan", it no longer has the same value depending on whether it is viewed from the Christian churches, or from the societies that have emerged from them, by their belonging to the Judeo-Christian civilization. Today, everyone is lost in conjecture, because no one really looks at the overall divine goal, but only at the one in which God himself uses it, without taking into account the beneficial complementarity indispensable for the survival of any form of couple. No one then realizes that for the fulfillment of God's work in Jesus Christ, on each of those who have remained faithful to Him, the civilizational context is just as important as the word of God itself.

If times have changed, and with them the result to be obtained, the word of God has remained the same. A new stage, however, has been taken to change the human emotional system towards the one that Jesus is preparing for the kingdom of priests for God his Father, without the new generations having any real understanding of it. They are now torn between previous values and those of social networks, perverted by ignorance, through which the most liars are the most respected, because they are the most convinced of their own lies or delusions.

These times were foretold, and it is to this that we must look if we want to know in what times we are, to avoid finding ourselves irretrievably ensnared by the enemy of our souls. Just like the twelve tribes of Israel were one people, despite they did not all have to enter Canaan under the leadership of Caleb and Joshua, it is so for some people in the church, and even for some churches, according to their call before God. After Moses installed the first part of these twelve tribes east of the Jordan River; God showed him the country of the Promised Land, from the top of Mount Nebo, where today he wants to lead the churches, whose vocation is like to remain east of the Jordan. In doing so, he wants to avoid misunderstandings on both sides, leading to the condemnation of those whose call before God is different from their own, because this produces the division of the people redeemed by Jesus in heaven, to the profit of Satan, who uses these misunderstandings, in order to divide and rule.  

It is therefore up to the Church to contemplate the ground to be conquered, for if the people perish for lack of knowledge, for lack of precise hope in their spiritual vocation to the people, it is the church itself that causes the people to wither away. She then allows herself to be carried away by the deceptive words of those who advocate the repressive animal system, reserved by God for Satan, in order to put into practice, the word of God, as in the name of Jesus Christ, who nevertheless refrained from some repression towards his executioners, even to the point of death on the Cross.

Many of those whom God wants to bless today have been left with the past vision of the church, as if the restoration of Israel had never taken place, whereas God wants us to work at the work of the "Wife," according to the image that is given of the Philadelphia Church in Revelation 3.

The desert has already blossomed again, and the walls of Jericho have fallen, but no one in our democracies looks upon the present situation as identical to that of the defeat of Ai after Jericho, and is motivated by it to want to conquer his own Canaan of Divine Love, both in his "heart" and in his brain. All of them see in it only the loss of the values brought by the sixty-eight effect, with the desire to return to the other side of the Jordan, to those societal/religious consensuses still present until that time, which in no way removed the repressive tutelage of Satan, but simply made victors of this tutelage, thanks to the work of Jesus on the Cross.

This tutelage has therefore been overcome, as the restoration of Israel proves, and in Jesus Christ God now wills to bring mankind out of this repressive tutelage, by the free consent of each one to receive the divine nature, which God offers to him in Jesus Christ, first in his "heart." It is therefore today through the birth anew of each person that his "resurrection" can produce, first individually, then collectively, a true society according to God and not a simple collective producing an imperfect image of God.

It is not, therefore, a question of questioning the vision that God has entrusted to each of his servants, for each of them must hold on to it as the apple of his eye, so that he may one day rejoice in the integration that this vision will have brought to the whole of the "Church of Christ", which is represented today by Western democracies,  before they enter the “Wife” dimension.  

If these democracies are widely controversial, it is certainly not without reason, but just as Jesus says about the adulterous woman, "Whoever among you has never sinned, let him be the first to throw a stone at her," we must not throw stones to our democracies. To do so would be to use the fallacious pretext that they are not already in the perfect image of Christ, while we ourselves are assured of being able to benefit from his grace tomorrow, at least in relation to our original sin. How many of us act in contempt of our adulterous democracies, without ever being their advocates, like Jesus himself asked his disciples to abide in him, he who is our Advocate with the Father. That is why the word of God brought to society today is a brass that resounds, a cymbal that sounds, for lack of love for society.

In the same incomprehension as the Church, society nevertheless strives to bring a love that it believes to be right, because Jesus did not come only to make disciples, but brothers and sisters of the same nature as Him, without having to cover their original nature from which we are all born even today. Just as male/female couples are indispensable for natural procreation, the divine nature is not accessible to the church if it remains alone. It is not by chance, in fact, that Jesus called her "woman", and it is in this respect that the part of society attached to her values, itself deported to the world of Babylon, is totally indispensable to her in order to generate the divine nature and to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

This is the procreation for which, in Jesus Christ, God wants us to work today, for if the vocation of society is to bring love, even to the point of receiving it in its divine form, through Christ in heaven, the vocation of the church is to bring the word of God, but never without love.

In her good and perfect vocation before God, the church has always been employed to impose a simple self-centered love, corrected as best as possible by the Holy Spirit, received in the "hearts" of her true servants. The vagueness of the actions that emerged from it was covered by the work of Jesus on the Cross, and if it is still the same today, God now wants to bring His Love of integrity, on which the word of God rests, through the "Church", which represents the whole of society attached to the values of Christ in each democracy.

If Christ's work takes man out of Satan's tutelage, the part of his emotional system that Jesus must continue to cover is the part that Satan does not want to lose. He knows, in fact, that he himself will be bound for a thousand years, from the day when certain humans, born under his tutelage, will have succeeded in rebuilding the Temple of the Holy Spirit, in the image of Christ when he was on earth.

This is the reason for all the hatred shown towards our democracies by the various fundamentalisms throughout the world, to which we must stand up without condemning them, because Jesus, dying on the Cross for each one of us, says, "Father, forgive them, they know not what they do".

It is not for us to condemn human beings in their errors, even in their most destructive fundamentalisms, but neither is it for us to give reason to the lies of the antichrist, who today precedes Christ's reign on earth and in heaven, because he wants to impose by force and destruction, what God wants to bring out of Love in Jesus Christ.

It seeks to lead the most fragile among us towards a return to the religious societal consensus, before the restoration of Israel, in nostalgia for the past, with the hope of being able to do better than then and definitively preserve its repressive rights over humanity.

He now wants to take away from us the freedom that Jesus has won for us through our Western democracies, and whose inaccuracies he covers up to each one, where Satan himself tried to use the sixty-eight effect to deteriorate as much as possible the result already obtained before this restoration of Israel. Jesus no longer only wants to bring us to slavish respect, allowing us to believe in the absolute divine Truth, in order to be able to wage war against those we consider to be in error. If he has told us, "And the Truth will set you free,"  to bring his true nature to our entire emotional system, he can only place this Truth in us if we ourselves are in the freedom of our own truth, so that in adulthood and in front of sin, we can reject this imperfect truth in favor of his own.

It is then that in society he can put the right action in the face of the emotion of love, so that this emotion of love becomes in the divine nature, whereas for everyone in the church he must bring his Love, in the face of the emotion producing the right action, so that this action becomes of a divine nature.

Without the Western liberal democracies that we know, and in spite of all the errors that we can see in them, we would never be able to get out of Satan's tutelage, and it is in this that we must each persevere in our conquest of the divine nature, without condemning the civilizational context that Jesus has made available to us to allow us to access it.

This is also why we can rejoice today in Christ, not in the possible difficult times we have to go through, but in the hope of the morrow of these days, no doubt particularly difficult, in the days in which Jesus will reign on earth and in heaven. He will certainly rule with a rod of iron, but it will never be in the lie of the steel of Stalin the exterminator, because in God's Love for his creation.

It is on the strength of this hope, both in the Church and in democratic society, that everyone will then find all the strength to overcome what Satan has been preparing for centuries, to bring with him, if possible, even some elect, because today we are both spectators and actors.

This is also why we must never forget Love, for it alone will remain,  even if it will has had to pass through the ancient animal nature, in order to become according to the Love of our God in Jesus Christ.

To Him alone be all the glory in Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.