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The evolution of the human emotional system through the ages

9 – 1 Its conception

Tridermic disc in embryonic state


This part of the embryo is the only one that corresponds to the human being, all the other parts serving only to provide the functionalities necessary for its survival and growth.

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The Small Brain of the Heart after birth

Arranged like an antenna well protected by the rib cage, it is the engine of cardiac coherence  and brings us all the emotional perceptions that we call “of the heart”. We scientifically have a possible impact on it, through learning methods, and this is proof of its individuality in the face of the cranial brain.

This “organ”, made up of 40,000 neurons, is in constant dialogue with our cranial brain, and can go so far as to provide the total feedback of a real examination of conscience, through its comparison of actions with genetics, if it is equipped with the Holy Spirit,, where the logic of animal instinct under supervision deprives us of it for the benefit of this supervision. It is in this that Jesus in the “heart” liberates from the tutelage of Satan.

Human Magnetic Field or Biomagnetism

It is centered at the level of the Little Brain of the Heart, and does not come from the nerve impulse, because this is not an electric current in itself.

The intensity of each photon is very weak, but it is nevertheless located in the ultraviolet and could be at the origin of perceptions at the level of the Little Brain of the Heart, concerning the well-being or ill-being between individuals, human or not.


Sectional view, 15 days after fertilization

Top view between the 19th and 24th day after fertilization of the ovum by the spermatozoid

The neural plate 3, (future brain) already extends between the somites 2, (metameres, future vertebrae) to form the spinal cord and the Small Brain of the Heart, before the establishment of the cardiac muscle, in order to ensure its management from its emergence.

During the creation of the emotional data, in order to open the perception of the fetus to its surrounding context according to the emotions perceived, recorded in the neurons of the mind, and then programmed at birth, the sensory thalamus is reduced only to the Little Brain of the Heart, or almost, during the fetal period. The basic animal logic under tutelage, or that of the Holy Spirit, thus defines the nature of the entire emotional system, as long as its construction is not completed. This is why the learning of childhood influences the outcome of the feelings programmed in adolescence, towards a greater respect for the divine will, all the more so if the child receives the Holy Spirit at an early age, although this does not in any way change its initial corrective nature.

The use of this emotional system after birth is done according to two circuits, short or long, on which the sensory thalamus, composed of the five senses and the Little Brain of the Heart, provides the perception of the context. The long circuit encompasses the analyses and therefore makes it possible to considerably adjust, both the selection of the programming downloaded into the cerebral amygdala, and the emotional quotient to be applied to them. In short circuits, since brain analyses are no longer present, only the Little Brain of the Heart allows the moderation of the programmed data, already downloaded into the amygdala according to the context experienced by the person concerned.

This highlights the importance of the Holy Spirit at the level of the Little Brain of the Heart, to bring moderation to reflex actions related to self-defense.