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The evolution of the human emotional system through the ages

9 – 2 Where do we come from?

In summary of what we have just observed throughout our reading, and with the complement we have just skimmed over, it seems fair to say that it is because of a misinterpreted banality, that a large part of humanity confused the evolution of the emotional system with that of genetics, and that many humans turned away from the Eternal God. This lack of differentiation generated a certain ambivalence with ancestral Christian teaching, which failed to separate what God placed in us through genetics, from the evolutionary spiritual base, generating our emotional system. It is this spiritual basis that defines the nature of this emotional system, which is essential to produce actions adapted to the context lived in this genetic and many were those who never recovered from it in our democracies, whether they were servants of God or simple laymen. Today, this leads the new generations either to take an idolatrous side for God, with all the excesses that go with it, or to fight his existence through the same excesses, or to assimilate all religions with each other, in a more or less tolerant humanism, in a more or less tolerant humanism, without perceive from them the very essence of God, which is the Holy Spirit.

If this is so, it is not because the new generations are worse than those who preceded them, but because they are themselves in a search for an understanding of the divine in each one, without any reliable and comprehensible lair in their eyes, in relation to the evolution proposed by God to man. These new generations then fall into all the traps conveyed by both social networks and repressive fundamentalism, in order to obtain a human superiority allowing them to better dominate their life context and allowing them to ensure their own survival and eventually that of their offspring. This is accentuated by the good will of each one to make good use of his own presumptions, whereas today the Eternal God wants to endow the human being with his divine Nature, to which no one can access by himself, in order to bring life in abundance to each and all, in the real and just balance of the word of God.

We are all descendants of Adam and Eve, and all possess the same origin, but where we go depends on our choice. Either we are pleasing to the Lord God in Jesus Christ, endowed with the Holy Spirit to progress toward His divine nature, or we are pleasing to the Antichrist, in the presumption that we can achieve a better result than Adam and Eve, with the same ill-fitting equipment. We then use its ancestral repressive system to better make the divine part that is our genetics coexist with the animal part that is nevertheless destined to disappear, although it is still housed in a more or less total part of our emotional system. Voluntarily or involuntarily, we then crush those to whom we are most attached, the better to protect them from those we fear and all that is attached to them.  

In this, whether or not we are baptized with the Holy Spirit, we continue to manage as best we can the remaining part of our emotional system, created by the animal spiritual basis, without being able to escape from Satan's tutelage other than through the "covering" offered by Jesus' work on the Cross.

If this was the perfect dimension offered before, in order to resist this tutelage, God now wants us to come out of it completely, no longer only covered by the work of Christ on the Cross, but renewed in the dimension of the Wife.

This is why it is important to know where humanity comes from, so that we ourselves do not struggle against God, seeking to do better through outdated systems, but to be the recipients of his hope, in order to fully open the door to His love of integrity in Jesus Christ.

Stage 1 – Pre-Adam and Eve homo sapiens and its "good animal repressive system"

For tens or even hundreds of millennia prior to the time of Adam and Eve, the still-animal emotional system of homo sapiens received no influence from the divine presence. The repressive spiritual tutelage of Lucifer, himself descended from animal nature, was what maintained homo sapiens on an approximative respect note of his genetics throughout this period. The limits of the good and loyal services of this angel, appointed by God to perform this breaking on the homo sapiens before Adam and Eve, thus made it possible to overcome all his many intellectual and structural evolutions, not perceived by most of us, in relation to the biblical texts.

This good progression of the animal nature on earth lasted until the moment when the emotional system of this homo sapiens was himself able to surpass that of his spiritual tutor, by his incipient perception of the Holy Spirit. God then called this homo sapiens "man" because he was made in the nascent image of God in him, unlike Lucifer who took the name of Satan, the liar, because he himself could not access the Holy Spirit in any way, although he had led to follow him, the one over whom he had been placed as a tutor.

The excessive demonization of this one over the centuries hides from us today the semblance of equilibrium that our initial nature, more or less well corrected, can acquire under this tutelage, but the current international situations are there to provide us with evidence of the limits of such a system. This is why, since Adam and Eve, the Eternal God has striven to open our eyes to the need to make the right choice, for a more efficient emotional system, made in the image of Jesus by his Holy Spirit, and with which the human being of tomorrow at birth, will already be endowed with his divine Nature.

Stage 2 – The Gestation of Mankind during the Old Testament

If we compare the perception of the Holy Spirit by man with the creation of his body, we find the first part of the Old Testament, corresponding to the embryonic state, and the second part to the fetal state, after his coming out of Egypt and the dispensation of the law by Moses.

In order to make the future human being victorious over the external context that he will encounter after birth, the fetus perceives it only through a vague interpretation of his nascent emotional system, and the same was true of the perception of the Holy Spirit throughout the Old Testament. During this entire period, of about four thousand years, humans were only able to perceive and interpret the dimension of the Holy Spirit in a way that was external to their initial instincts, because functionality, which is essential for the proper self-management of consciousness, was absent from their emotional construction. This perception was therefore only very faintly perceptible to the most sensitive, so that their analyses could synthesize it with their experience and guide the less sensitive to this perception in the right direction.

If, therefore, in the person of Adam and Eve, man disobeys God out of ignorance, even though he bears responsibility for his actions, the real culprit is the one who incited him to do so. He knew that the logic on which he had been placed by God, as a tutor on the instincts of homo sapiens alone, would deprive humans of the functionality most indispensable to the knowledge of good and evil, defined by the consciousness that God places in the genes of every human.

Therefore, after having chosen the people who were undoubtedly most capable of preserving intact the witness lived in the close presence of the Eternal God, our Creator manifested himself to man through this people, in situations that were supernatural in his eyes. These opened the minds of those who were best able to perpetrate and spread the testimony of the passage of the Eternal God on earth, in the proper synthesis of the merits of following his directives and precepts. This is what guided the human being in the prefiguration of what he was going to live and that we find as spiritual confirmations even today.

One of the most glaring foreshadowing was certainly that of the protection that God gave to his people, to save them from the exterminating angel, when they came out of slavery in Egypt, which prefigured the victory of Jesus on the Cross, over the fallen angel named Satan.

If for this people there followed a long period in the desert, it served the dispensation of the divine law given by God to Moses, so that each one might learn to use self-control to dominate his emotional system in a good way, and to produce actions as conform as possible to his conscience in his genes.

From generation to generation, man had to learn to dominate what the still animal system had created emotionally in him, with all the errors of correction that related to it, starting with the idolatry of those considered the greatest, raised to the level of kings in the place of God, to govern them. The whole of the Old Testament thus brought to the human emotional system an awareness of the impact of the divine presence, which the fetus, male or female, always perceives differently of each other in the womb of its mother, so that the sum of their individual specificities allows them to ensure their self-defense according to the precepts of God, in order to overcome their environment.

In their too good will to serve God, or in their misunderstanding of the divine will, some, more presumptuous than others in serving God well, allowed themselves to be influenced by Satan to grant himself the rights of life and death in the name of God over their fellowmen, but in this he did a work that deceived him. If he abused the presumption of knowledge of the religious of the Sanhedrin in order to have Jesus crucified on the Cross, he was in fact signing his spiritual death warrant, thanks to obedience to God until death on the Cross, of the one who was himself born of the Holy Spirit from his mother's womb.

The Eternal God then raised him from the dead as a foreshadowing of what he offers us spiritually through a "New Birth" in his divine nature at the level of the heart, but also of what awaits us today, if we grant ourselves the same rights as the Sanhedrin, in the attributions reserved for this fallen angel. It is in this respect that everyone has all the analytical capacities today, if they grant themselves the same animal repressive right, on the carriers of the same genetics as themselves. These repressive rights are not only found at the physical level, for they begin with the condemnation of those whose actions and motives seem reprehensible to us in the eyes of God, without ever becoming the advocates of them, as God asks in Jesus.

The Lord God thus brought to mankind both the example of duty and the path to his divine nature.

Stage 3 – The Childhood of Mankind and the New Testament, up to the Restoration of Israel in 1948

Here again, the whole period is broken down into two stages, during which we find that of early childhood and that of childhood before puberty.

From a civilizational point of view, we can consider these periods of roughly equal duration, about a thousand years, given the maximum decline in the perception of the Holy Spirit in favor of idolatry, in a descent into hell that more or less trapped all Christian populations. He then came out of some of the Antichrists, preaching the nature and the divine will, through the only repressive mode of this fallen angel, while others granted the divine birth to those whom they placed above them to govern them, of whom the most idolatrous among the movements of the time, went so far as to grant them the divine nature and therefore not being able to sin. This period preceded the gradual ascent, towards a more or less led balance of God in Jesus Christ, according to the nations considered and the perception of the Holy Spirit by the most upright among them.

The fundamental difference was that the sincere servant of God in Jesus Christ was able to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit in his "heart" in the adulthood. He was then going to be placed outside of Satan's tutelage, by the "covering" of Jesus, which was going to bring him a much more definite purpose of the divine will from his "heart," if his integrity of the moment was to serve God in Jesus Christ and not himself.  As a result, the layman was able to take into account the Holy Spirit, mainly through his learning in childhood, in order to be able to act in adulthood, according to his teaching. This produced societal/religious consensuses, which caused some societies to evolve more than others, towards a perception and obedience to the Holy Spirit, from which the most idolatrous structures of what on earth represented God in their eyes were almost entirely detached.

The nations that sought to rid themselves of the idolatry accorded to their rulers had made progress toward communion with the Holy Spirit, seeking balance toward everyone in democracies, while the more idolatrous sank into the systems of domination that Satan could use to try to crush those same democracies supported by Jesus.

This was all the easier for him because, while the emotional system of God's servants in the church was normally renewed in the divine nature at the level of the "heart," the mind and feelings in their brains were still nothing more than a desert of divine Love, which their brains had learned to correct at times, to an apparent perfection, while others were only simulating it. This was not always the case because of their wrong motivations, but because of the times in which they lived, during which the collective achievements did not already allow for the establishment of structures to come, as is the case today.

This left a lot of room for misinterpretations of the divine will, through an emotional system based on self-centered love that must always be dominated in order to obtain actions considered according to God. The most emotionally structured humans according to the divine rules could experience it as a personal fulfillment of this will to have to impose on their ignorant fellow humans through the intermediary of the strongest, but this was not often the case of the unfortunate people sometimes mistreated in the name of God, by religious people no more just than the Sanhedrin towards Jesus or the tsars towards their people.

The balance achieved collectively remained precarious, since it was the result of an egocentric love corrected as best as possible, but it has had the merit of generating the restoration of Israel, no longer on the values of those of the Hebrews east of the Jordan, but on a value identical to that obtained in Canaan, which had served as the basis for Jesus' Victory on the Cross.

Unlike the Old Testament, the New Testament allowed the human emotional system to progress significantly until 1948, since some humans, previously born under Satan's tutelage, were able to receive the divine dimension of the Holy Spirit at the "heart" level. Over the centuries, this perception experienced internally at the level of the emotional system of the most honest human beings, made it possible to significantly improve the correction to be made by the emotional quotient, to produce actions with a more precise image of the divine will. and to communicate it to a large part of humanity.

It corresponds to the spiritual fulfillment by this humanity of what had been brought the process of the Hebrews' coming out of the wilderness under the leadership of Moses during the Old Testament.


Stage 4 – The Puberty of Humanity, from 1948 to 1968

If puberty is a period before adolescence, during which the pre-adolescent begins to question the validity of his childhood learning, the same was true for humanity. In democracies, there was an awareness of the injustice produced by societal/religious consensuses, although these were fairly well respected by the first generation after the restoration of Israel.

This transitional period was the one that consolidated Israel's position among the nations and prepared the rest of the democratic systems to cross their Jordan River today. This period corresponds to the spiritual fulfillment of Moses' settlement of the two and a half tribes east of the Jordan River, on a part of present-day Jordan, but also served as a prefiguration of the support for the values brought by the church, which our society would have to preserve today, despite its change in the way of functioning. This is indeed the image that emerges from the fact that these two and a half tribes were themselves going to bring men of fighting age, in support of the other tribes who were to progress towards greater perfection toward holiness, during their entry into Canaan.

Just as when the Hebrew people left the desert, the collective emotional did not evolve during this period and remained a desert of divine Love corrected at best by the emotional quotient of each one, guided by the Holy Spirit from the "heart", of the most upright servants of God.

The end of this period is perhaps the most notable generational phenomenon, since it ended with what already appeared at that time as a validation by God of Israel's restoration, through the Six-Day War. We find in it the same divine validation as in the capture of Jericho after the crossing of the Jordan by the Hebrews, through which the Eternal God demonstrated to His people the fundamental importance of remaining individually in the observance of the ordinances and precepts of the Eternal God, in order to collectively maintain His support.

If the Six-Day War thus marked a new Jericho, it marked above all the orientation towards a new type of combat, through the need for the elimination of individual error, necessary for the good collective result. If in the Old Testament this example was set physically by the elimination of the person producing the error, it foreshadowed the spiritual result that each one would have to achieve on his own fortresses built in animal spirituality, to be eliminated with God's help, in the next phase.

It is in this respect that the world phenomenon of 1967 and 1968 that followed, without any direct human influence being its driving force, is there to demonstrate today how much the Eternal God was the coordinator of it, even if the enemy of our souls was trying to use all the means at his disposal to discredit the civilizational work acquired by Jesus on the Cross. If, since then, this world movement has often been perceived as a generational degeneration, produced only by the enemy of our souls, it is undeniable that it corresponded to what will be as becoming indispensable in the next stage, if we know how to look at it in the way we have described it.

Because the human being had done his part despite the desert of divine Love in the ordering elements of his brain, Jesus from heaven was going to be able to bring to the one who remained faithful to him, the part of divine nature missing from his emotional system to make him of integrity even more. However, this not will be doing without a change in the way each person does function his emotional system, and therefore the learning to no longer dominate it in the old way, in order to be able to manage according to God what he himself was going to bring in his own nature to humans.

The Lord God had hitherto led humans to do their full part, through societal/religious consensuses, in order to resist Satan, and the lifting of these consensuses in democracies would bring everyone the opportunity to overcome the NATURE of this tutelage, with the help of Christ, both in his "heart" and in heaven, like the Church of Philadelphia in Revelation Three.