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The mode of functioning by love, complementary to that of the church in democracies

5 - 2 – Perfect fellowship with the Holy Spirit is the only key

With few exceptions, the enemy of our souls in us is not hidden in gross final errors, but in the subtleties of appreciation that lead to them. That is why we must not demonize Satan if we want to fight him, wherever he stands, whether in us or during his projection on earth. When the fisherman wants to fish roach, he does not take a line to hunt tuna. It is therefore the same when God calls a person to open to Christ the opportunity in adulthood, of a rewriting in divine Love, on the corresponding part, programmed in his brain on the values of self-centered love.

The one who is led in this search for impartial divine Love, must therefore be more than any other in this search for the divine presence, and in the entire will to no longer sin, although remaining free as the air and in the joy of a star dancer, who should only respect his choreography, so as not to leave the beam of the projector that follows him. It is not in fear and trembling that he will be able to bring the best of himself, but in the joy of living his passion for dance. He must therefore naturally remain attentive to the slightest perception of his possible slips, at the risk of leaving both this choreography and the frame of the projector, which would represent for him the despair of sin. If one day his inattention leads his foot to slide on a small fish that he thought dead in him, because disappeared since his childhood, he must not go hunting for big demons, where it was originally only a very small fish. If he wants to go back to the origins of his errors, it is therefore in his deep confusions that the Holy Spirit wants to lead him through precise examinations of conscience from which the origin can emerge, but especially not in the tuna hunt, which represents the result with all its consequences.

It is important never to confuse the result produced with the cause of it, at the risk of fighting against one's own flesh, in the more or less unconscious fear of the consequences of one's mistakes, and therefore fighting against windmills, rather than against the real causes of one's slips. This could then lead him to the point of having to do without dancing one day, for lack of never having obtained the right result and it is in this that Jesus offers life in abundance in true freedom to no longer sin.

As we already said in the third chapter, he who refuses to look at the spirituality of his carnal logic is led to fight against his own flesh, his own life, his own justified desires, because he fights against the result and consequences of what the enemy of our souls has built in him without his knowledge, which leads him to the wrong result, despite his good intentions. Guilt or his too great goodwill then leads him to fight against this result, rather than detect the flaw in his spiritual construction, and to rejoice in hope, in trust in God, in future good results. Guilt is a self-accusation of having produced what the person concerned would not have wanted to produce for anything in the world, and that is why Jesus has compassion for every sinner who repents, without condemning himself, because he paid at the Cross for each one who repents and desires not to sin again by fighting against the spirituality that Satan has built in him.

It is because we give reason to the enemy of our souls that we condemn ourselves on the part that he himself defrauded humanity to better harm it, rather than fight him. We must, on the contrary, want to leave him no repressive rights over us, not even one iota.

It is also in this that we must remain true, in the face of the truth of the word of God, without excessively accusing ourselves of our mistakes, while firmly refusing to reproduce them, because they become so many interpellations to the final awareness and victory. It is therefore above all not a question of openness to the right to sin, since the motivation is in the eradication of the original sin, to get completely out of Satan's repressive tutelage.

This is a very big difference with the result obtained by the mode of operation by domination of the emotional system, because if for some persons the programming of adolescence already brings a fairly high precision, and avoids certain "slips", this is not the case for many others. The latter must then correct quite considerably, using their emotional quotient, the programming very far from divine Love in their brain, which makes them more apt for this kind of awareness.

If, however, it requires the person a perfect and indispensable integrity before God, it is fortunately not necessary to know all these corrections that God allows us to make through our brain, to be saved in Jesus Christ. The divine goal was already that the human inherits eternal life before Satan's disobedience, and we find the same vocation by grace, through Jesus' obedience to the Cross. From the moment we come to him, Jesus covers every sin we repent of, or are oblivious to, and when he baptizes us with his Holy Spirit, he takes us out of the slavery of this tutelage, to one day access this mode of functioning identical to his, if we are really willing to follow him in this perfect integrity.

This is why, given the times in which we are still today, we call this way of functioning “by love” and not “by Love”, as it will be the case at the end of time. If we make this difference, it is because the emotional quotient is not used to produce respect for divine law, but only that of love, to be granted to the encountered situation, despite its egocentric nature existing in everyone, in the hope of come out of it an action in conformity with the word of God. This is the perfect opposite of what the church is called to bring, since its first objective is the respect of the word of God, in the hope of bringing the perfect love and that is why one cannot go without the other in Christian democracies, that is: "The Church of Christ in its totality".

In our Western societies and outside the church, everyone functions more or less in this way, and that is why, in society, respect for the word of God is diluted one way or another in the multitude of human desires, in which everyone recognizes a form of love. It is the opposite is true for the church, which is divinely kept in a mode of operation by domination, while seeking to live divine Love. It is because it is in this respect that it often obtains a result much closer to this divine Love, than does the one called to function only by "love", but nevertheless obtains it through the covering of her original sin by Jesus, for lack of the perfect impartiality that would give it the divine nature of Love, from a rewritten action programming. From this understanding, it becomes logical that the church enters into a greater reluctance to recognize the merits of functioning differently from it, which easily leads to the condemnation of society, where God tries to keep it in complementarity, out of compassion for those who lose themselves. It is because she has not understood this need for complementarity in the search for impartial divine Love, through these two modes of operation, that she overreacts towards society. According to it, divine Love can only be obtained on the values of the word of God, in which it is one hundred percent right, but it fault is only in its impression of being able to obtain it only by better rigor, as was previously the case in religious societal consensus. In this search for rigor, it fights even more the society that becomes opposed to it, where a true desire for mutual complementarity would make both more fit to fight against Satan, as is also the case in the couple. Today we have entered a time that we will specify in paragraph four, during which this transition from a similar mode of functioning, to the complementary one between man and woman in the couple, is there to advance the love simply humanistic towards divine Love. If one of both in the couple seems to be set aside in this, it is only for a time, before allowing Jesus to bring this real Love to both, and being able to extend it to the collectivity through the church and society.

It is indeed today at the individual level of society attached to Christ in these democracies to go so far as to be rewritten by Christ in heaven, so that this love comes to life in the "Divine Nature" and is spread over all humanity according to the divine purpose during the coming Millennium.

Without having understood this beneficial complementarity, both individually and collectively, many people seek to make society function according to the way the church operates, as before, which leads to a certain fundamentalism, called right-wing, even extreme right. Others, called from the center, rightly refuse this fundamentalism but remove the part of genetic respect that embarrasses them in their "love", whereas this was the reason why God had placed Lucifer as a repressive tutor over homo sapiens. Like those who are said to be on the right, those who are said to be on the left, or on the extreme left, return to the mode of operation by domination, because failing to understand the real divine objective of liberating the human to allow him access to holiness, they withdraw God from their vocabulary, as did 1917 in Russia. What neither of them understood is that God wants to work for us, in what is impossible for us to change ourselves in our brain, and not that we work for him, to assert what we are by imposing it on others. Any rewriting of programming done in our brain is inaccessible to humans, because it would be like wanting to reprogram a computer without having access rights, because we ourselves have not fulfilled the divine law given by God to Moses, unlike Jesus Christ, who alone has the ability. The politicking carried out by man, tries to impose on the other what he perceives, or believes himself to perceive of the divine will, and this leads to all our mismanaged conflicts that open so many rights to Satan on all our societies. They are also proof that God is working without our knowledge for this beneficial complementarity, and that we could avoid much torment by a better communion "with" God, rather than working "for" God to assert each our specificities, in excess of power or tolerance.

If the Holy Spirit nevertheless preserves the church, in this old mode of operation destined to disappear, it is because it is still indispensable today to keep the majority of humanity outside the repressive rights of Satan, as well as to provide the right foundations of respect of the word of God, without which divine Love is easily confused with carnal humanistic love.