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From one hostage situation to another

1 – 2 The hostage-taking of the Russian Orthodox Church

Nothing is done unexpectedly in the spiritual realm, even if we do not always know how to understand it, because if the divine objective has been known from all eternity, the fact that Satan was defeated by Jesus nearly two thousand years ago on the Cross, probably did not fail to give him awakening in this matter.

If several centuries after the Crucifixion, he had already succeeded in imposing a repressive mode on a large part of the Judeo/Christian civilization, leaving only a vague memory of the existence of Jesus, then lowered to the rank of prophet, he was then going to use the church bearing the Holy Spirit, to justify the human extermination of Stalin, done so as in the name of the Son of God

He then used the spiritual context, which we have just described, in which only certain servants of God in the church were endowed with the Holy Spirit, with a view to educating society not to open to him repressive rights, to take in a second hostage after Adam and Eve, the part of Judeo/Christian civilization, which was the Russian Orthodox Church, and to isolate it spiritually from the rest of Christendom. He began for this to destabilize the tsarist system, which was considered the Son of the Father on earth, therefore unable to commit sin, head of both the nation and this Russian Orthodox Church. The extreme idolatry, in which he had trained this system, then served as a springboard for him to discredit God and replace it with a communist system, persecuting Christianity, before taking this church hostage by its enslavement to this anti-God cause, whereas it was previously endowed with the Holy Spirit for the greater part of its priests.

This forfeiture took a century to materialize through brainwashing which then made it possible to subject the entire population to the repressive system, and to justify, as in the name of God in Jesus Christ, the extermination by Stalin, of millions of human beings. It is not by chance that he was called in an innocuous way, the Little Father of the Peoples, because if the literal translation means Son of the Father of the peoples, it is in reality the spiritual position that were supposed to represent the tsars themselves, whom he replaced, and places him today as the spiritual guide of the nation, as in an incarnation of Jesus, through a simply carnal interpretation of the return of Christ.

Everything is summed up in the origin of the Bolshevik communist ideology, because it was already considered to produce in the long term, a form of social organization without classes, without state and without money, where material goods would all be shared equitably to reach paradise on earth.

The establishment of this system, certainly required in their eyes, a revolutionary period exterminating all critics and offenders inside and outside the nation, claiming societal values different from those established by leaders considered perfectly honest, and watchmen of established values. After a more or less long period of time, paradise on earth could only impose itself, without form of government, so great will be the fullness and happiness of each one.

If we see today the culmination of this hostage-taking suffered by the Russian Orthodox Church, it began as early as the revolution of 1789 in France, although it had already originated throughout Europe for several decades. It was born in fact in the philosophical currents that had begun to generate claims of the populations, often enslaved in the name of God, by systems often very unscrupulous. These currents had then led the English monarchy to move towards parliamentarism, while the revolution of 1789 in France would generate, for a short time, the establishment of a republic, which would be quickly deposed in favor of the Napoleonic empire.  Ironically, the extravagances of the latter would lead to the restoration of the monarchy by divine right, then to a second revolution. The poor societal results obtained by the working classes, examined by the most extremist of observant philosophers, then began to generate currents from which the Tsars had to protect themselves, all the more so because some of them were more concerned with the acquisition of new territories than with the well-being of their people.

If they had only been considered governors of the nation, it would have only affected their own sovereignty, but given that they had been elevated to the rank of "Little Father", that is to say "Son of the Father", that is to say still "Son of God" since  Vladimir 1ST of Kiev in 988, and in the idolatry of considering them without sin, it is God that they discredited. This descendant, which granted them an idolatrous position as it was nowhere else in monarchies, yet said to be of divine birth, was then usurped by Bolshevism in 1917, which placed the Russian Orthodox Church in a progressive submission to Bolshevik atheism, in a long descent into hell. If it concerned the church itself, the simple layman was even more impacted, because he relentlessly received as divine truth from the church, which he considers to represent Christ, the propaganda discrediting the true God for the benefit of this lying tutor, confirming the statements of the Atheist Militant League.

The hundreds of thousands of exterminated for their faith, including many Orthodox priests rebellious to Stalin, and the millions of deaths of the Holodomor in Ukraine, served to guide Hitler's jealousy to the exterminating system of millions of Jews, infirm, homosexuals, gypsies and many others, through the German/Soviet pact. The most treacherous stage, however, was reached through Stalin's U-turn towards Hitler, which partly reaccredits him in the eyes of the Christian West. All he had needed was the turnaround towards the Orthodox Church during the siege of Stalingrad to carry out a form of rehabilitation of the church, which made it possible to enslave it over the values of the communist state and not to divine values, in September 1943. If man was certainly not endowed with a Machiavellian intelligence, to the point of calculating all its effects within the Soviet Union and internationally, this had the effect of largely erasing religious grudges and attributing to the name of Stalin, the victory over Nazism to the whole church/nation of the great URSS. Everyone forgot, or then pretended to forget, that he himself had been the instigator with Hitler, of the Nazi extermination, by this German/Soviet pact.

This muddied the waters enough, and if the church remained under control as the state religion preaching Jesus, but acting in the name of Stalin, one thing was implicitly heard in the Soviet Union, that it would be from communism that the one called to reign over humanity for a thousand years, let alone the Holy Spirit, would have emerged. The religious propaganda that emerged appeased the virulent anti-Sovietism of the uninformed Western churches, and rehabilitated in the eyes of the greatest number, both the Soviet Union and Stalin, especially in Europe.

The result today is a hostage-taking of the profane Russian Orthodox people, whose brains have completely lost sight of the Christian values of The Lord God in Jesus Christ. They are all the more driven to Stalinist idolatry, since the current Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, rehabilitated Stalin and the Soviet regime in November 2015 in the name of Russian orthodoxy, to silence the reproaches remaining in a part of it towards Stalin.  He then used the words: "One should not doubt the merits of a statesman who led his country to rebirth and modernization, even if he committed some crimes." This had the effect, in the eyes of laymen today, of giving Stalin credibility as a good Orthodox, whose spiritual descent Vladimir Putin claims as the savior of Ukraine, in order to free it from the clutches of Sodom and Gomorrah that constitutes in their eyes, the poor decadent Western humanity.

If this simple human that was Stalin thought himself very cunning in his exterminating Machiavellianism, it was not his innate intelligence that guided him. Rather, it was demonic possession that led him to prepare the ground of the Antichrist for this repressive angel called Satan, whose spiritual fulfillment we find again through Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow today. They thus use the word of God to their advantage, with aplomb in lies, of which everyone remains stunned as it is flagrant and it is only, they who believe that no one discerns it, so convinced are they of their superiority as little spies.  

If it is of course this hostage-taking of the Russian Orthodox Church, which now places Stalin the exterminator, in the place of Jesus the Savior, who gave his life for the forgiveness of the sins of anyone who repents, we must remain vigilant not to condemn anyone for this heresy, but heresy itself. It is then up to us to wage the good fight of faith against the instigator of this hostage-taking of our Russian brothers, so that they participate fully in the liberation of all this satanic oppression on their own nation, without forgetting all the material investment necessary for the physical liberation of Ukraine.

Because we are all only humans in the process of accessing a future according to our Creator, our individual and collective confusions must not become subjects of condemnation of the human in order to bear good fruit, because it is in these condemnations that we become unjust in the eyes of God.

Jesus was not given to judge the world, but for the world to be saved by him. He offers everyone the ability to leave the old world under the tutelage of this repressive angel, to bring him into the world advancing towards the divine Love of tomorrow. If we believe we are listening to it, it is not up to us to condemn the human in error, but if there is error, to condemn it itself. If we stoop to condemning the human, then it is up to us to be open to becoming aware of our own ambivalence, to believe in Christ and to act in his opposite. It is in this that if our Western societies were led by God to radical decisions, such as one day having to wage war against Russia to protect Ukraine, it should not be waged against the Russians, but against the ideology that keeps them tied today to this repressive tutor. Like many humans before them, they have only confused him with God, as we will see and try to demonstrate in the course of our reading.

Spirituality is indeed much more concrete than we can imagine, because before our birth, it initializes an animal spiritual version in our brain before participating in the programming of our entire emotional system, the result of which we must correct by our emotional quotient, to obtain a divine appearance. Yet it is this emotional system that is indispensable to generate all action in us, even the word, and that is why every form of action originates in the spirituality with which we are endowed and no one escapes it, not even those who do not believe in it.

It is in this that after looking a little more in detail, which makes the difference between Ukraine and Russia, yet both come from the same Soviet Union and the same orthodoxy, we will look together at the spiritual choices at our disposal.