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The two spiritual "logics": the spirit under tutelage, to dominate instinct, or the Holy Spirit, to self-manage the conscience

At the risk of repeating ourselves somewhat in the next few chapters, it seems important to us to begin by familiarizing ourselves with what this talk can bring complementary to the teaching of the "Church of Christ" about the Holy Spirit offered by grace in Jesus Christ.

To this end, we will be led to use expressions of non-spiritual origin, which we will strive to simplify as much as possible. In this we use here the common name "logical", more used in everyday language than the word software, even if the latter would perhaps be more appropriate to the description of certain functionalities of our brain. It is indeed the complexity of it that masks from our eyes the impact of these "logics" and leads us to an often-incomplete spiritual interpretation in relation to the Holy Spirit.  

The sense in which the word logic is used here does not represent a simple ideology that we can make coherent at will, as something "logical", because it is used in the sense of a concept that produces a resultant action, relative to a given context and that echoes the type of language used for its own construction.

If there is one "tool" that computer scientists are familiar with, it is the design languages of any form of "logic", because they are decisive in producing the desired final result.

The two logics we are going to talk about are for the first, the one with which the "heart" of homo sapiens was endowed as soon as it was implanted on this earth by our Creator, while the second "logic" is that of the divine nature of the Holy Spirit. This is accessible through the work of Jesus on the Cross and then replaces the first in the "heart".

These two logics have the same vocation, to maintain as much as possible the human on the respect of his genetic vocation, but since the first was not very precise, because conceived on the values of the egocentric love of the animal world to which it was addressed, God adds to it a tutelage of repressive refocusing. In this logic, the egocentric desires of the subject are restrained by fear and the desire to voluntarily do the divine will is therefore totally absent, in the face of the need for survival and the fear of repression. It is the opposite in the second "logic" through which divine Love came to replace restrained desires with fear. This last "logic" represents much more than a simple logic, since it is the Person of the Holy Spirit, proposed to those who wish to advance fully with the help of Christ, in the voluntary respect of their own genetic vocation, that is, in respect for the Word of God through the biblical texts.

If either of these logics is implanted in the heart of the human embryo, it first provides it with an intrinsic form of desire to survive in the embryonic state, which produces an initialization consistent with the logic used in the individual. This produces at the fetal state, the beginning of a personalized emotional system, which is "programmed" around the period of birth, before producing a corrective system of this base, by learning childhood, whose programming is carried out genetically in adolescence. The personalization of logic in the brain is therefore representative, both of the genetics of the person and in accordance with the nature of the logic used for his initialization.

The sensory perception emerging from either logic is perceived through the neurons surrounding the heart, and can be differentiated from other emotions, especially with regard to the Holy Spirit. If the person concerned knows how to discern and trust the logic housed in his "heart", he is thus emotionally influenced to select the most appropriate programming in his brain, to produce the action corresponding to the logic contained in his "heart", in accordance with his own analyses of the situation encountered.

This is how the emotional system of Jesus, having been initialized in divine logic and not in animal logic with supervision, gave him the capacity to fulfill the divine law to the point of dying on the Cross in obedience to God our Father, our Creator. This makes Him the “Son of God,” because his emotional system was designed entirely from the divine logic of the Holy Spirit. This is the reason why, since the first Pentecost, he can endow with this “logic” the “heart” of any person who asks him for it, if they are motivated to follow him in all personal integrity.

Every human, other than Jesus, was and remains initialized by the egocentric animal logic, derived from homo sapiens and even when Jesus endows with the Holy Spirit, the "heart" of a human, the latter remains confronted with the use of data programmed under the old logic in his brain. If in everyday life, everyone wants to obtain an action of divine appearance, he is thus called to use what the Bible calls self-control, better known today as EQ (emotional quotient). This is how everyone can control their emotions to select and correct the programming in place in their brain, essential to any form of action, even the language. Everyone can then quickly obtain an equivalence of action more or less just and more or less successful, from the image of Jesus that he received through the learning of childhood, accentuated by the influence of the Holy Spirit, felt externally in logic under tutelage or internally from his "heart", if he is baptized with the Holy Spirit.

If in some circumstances, the result obtained can thus become an almost perfect equivalence in relation to the divine nature, it is not produced by an emotional system identical to that of Jesus, whereas his promise is to make us like Him, of "heart" and mind, according to Hebrews 10-16.

That is why, even if the first step called the baptism of the Holy Spirit is fundamentally important, it is the programming accomplished in our brain  by the initial logic of carnal nature, which our Creator wants to rewrite in the divine nature, to make us like Him.  He no longer wants only to educate the old logic, as in Old Testament times, any more than to let the Holy Spirit correct the old individual programming, by a better use of the emotional quotient, when this programming is devoid of divine Love.

If the first stage, of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, remains indispensable, it is only a stage and not a finality before God, as we have already mentioned in the previous chapter. This is also why, after having baptized us with the Holy Spirit, Jesus does not ask us the impossible, but that we learn to trust Him to let us lead daily in the various stages that he places before us. Jesus acts so that one day we will give Him the voluntary opportunity to reprogram, every day a little more our capacities for action in our brain. Time and perseverance to achieve the right result will certainly not be the same, if we simply adapt our ancient logic to his word, in the presumption of knowledge, or if we go so far as to open to Jesus the rights to this rewriting, becoming again like little children. The result will not be the same either, because the best possible adaptation does not change the "initial nature", while the rewriting of the relevant part of the brain of the person concerned, brings him a capacity for action of a divine nature, which he must therefore no longer "DOMINATE".  His brain is then no longer forced to produce an equivalence of action in relation to the Holy Spirit in his "heart" and this is the interest of trusting himself totally in Christ.

Jesus came to fulfill the divine Law to free us from the whole of “initial logic / repressive guardian”, and this is why we must want to put to death as many of these programming of an initial animal nature as possible, in favor of those rewritten in the divine nature, if we truly desire to be able to do the will of God in perfect conformity with our conscience.

Spirituality is not a religious issue, because it is spirituality that builds the mental foundations of everyone. This is why it is fundamental to look at our initial logic under tutelage at its true spiritual value, even if this spirituality is of a nature inferior to that of the Holy Spirit.  

He who refuses to look at the spirituality of his carnal logic is led to fight against his own flesh, his own emotional system that he calls "me". He then tries to do violence to himself to dominate at best, the incitements of his fears or lusts, programmed in the language of his old logic, even if he does not know how to discern it. Unbeknownst to him, his brain easily gets used to a somewhat stereotyped correction, which gives him an impression of freedom to practice what he believes to be the word of God, even if sometimes this stereotype leads him to fight the divine will, for lack of discernment between two given situations.

If, on the contrary, this person looks at this carnal logic, as a bad spirituality, for which he remains responsible for the good use, he can at first, learn to dominate what it has built in him, so as not to open repressive rights to the tutor placed on this logic.

During this first stage, whether it is the man/woman couple or the church/society pair, everyone is in a similar mode of operation to each other. This similarity of operation then brings the best possible result, since the old programming corrected at best by the emotional quotient, before God leads this couple to a complementary mode of operation.  In this new stage each one is used in the vocation that best corresponds to his genetics, so that this couple can obtain obedience to God, at least similar to what they would have obtained previously, but reprogrammed as much as possible in the divine nature.

In this second stage, which God knows how to bring into the life of any couple who is covered by the work of Christ on the Cross and both of whom are consecrated to Christ, the best spiritually structured is then maintained in its initial mode of functioning. It remains, therefore, in the search to do first the divine will, trying to add as much love as possible, while the second is used in the reverse mode. He is then called to prioritize love, while seeking respect for the divine will, without dominating the old programming of his brain by his emotional quotient. This new mode of operation then leads him to become aware of the confusions in which the programming written in egocentric love in his brain leads him, contrary to his desires for a result in divine Love.

The support of the first, without concession with the word of God, then becomes preponderant to participate in his awareness of the bad programming to which his analyses give unjustly reason, but it is nevertheless the communion with the Holy Spirit that then directs him towards the synthesis of his errors, which is why it is fundamental that he himself be baptized with the Holy Spirit. In the journey of this awareness, in the face of his temptation to sin and before producing error,  it is by his refusal to  use the old action programmed in him, that one day he opens to Christ in heaven, the ability to rewrite the element programmed of his brain. For this, he must have remained at all times and in all circumstances in the presence of the Holy Spirit, in order to call on Jesus at the right time, to place in him the appropriate behavior in relation to the situation encountered, thereby recognizing that he does not know it in his true divine NATURE.

It is into this new phase that humanity has entered, whether individually or collectively, and that is why today we are witnessing so many upheavals throughout the world, because the advance towards the discovery of divine Love is the cause, since Satan does not have access to it.

Since Jesus, the Holy Spirit in our "heart" is indeed confronted daily with the desert of divine Love in the ordering elements of every form of action in our brain. This is also why the Person of the Holy Spirit is much more than a simple logic, because according to the divine orientation in which the person finds himself at a given moment, He knows how to influence him towards the correction of the bad programming, (according to the  first phase we have just seen) or lead him into the sole motivation of Love (if this person has entered the second phase).


It is not by chance, if we must learn to act by love before Jesus can accomplish what He desires to reprogram in us, for after this rewriting, the proper use of the Holy Spirit is contrary to the proper use of logic under tutelage. If God did not teach us to act out of love, towards His Love, we would use our emotional quotient to dominate what Jesus would have reprogrammed into the divine nature and this would be an abomination in God's eyes. After this rewriting, if the emotional quotient of the person remains useful to vary the intensity of the action according to the circumstances, it remains in the only register of which divine Peace is the engine, and from which the fears have disappeared. This is why Jesus says "I leave you my Peace" because this Peace surpasses all understanding.

Many confuse Christian ideology with God's work. From an ideology emerges a philosophy to which all adhere religiously in the same way, to obtain a societal consensus in accordance with the basic ideology, by domination of their emotional system. In contrast, God's work in Jesus Christ is there to bring to human beings a spirituality of divine nature, so that they can act out of love for their neighbor, while remaining in total respect for the divine Law, in order to lead them towards the blossoming of their genetics in all truth.

Since Adam and Eve, we are in a shift from one logic to another and each step brings a new unknown, not perceived until then.

It is therefore these different stages that divide those most eager to accomplish the divine will, because each time they raise their share of unknowns, as was the death of Jesus on the Cross, which opened the door to the New Testament and the misunderstanding of the greatest number.

The same is true in everyone's life, for we are born in the spiritual image of Adam and Eve and must aspire to a spiritual reconstruction in the image of Christ. Each step then requires us to remain confident in God's goals, so that we can work individually and collectively for what Jesus is preparing, for we are not yet today on the seventh day, during which the Lord God will rest, but only in the night before the dawn of this new day.

The ultimate objective of the Lord God in Jesus Christ is to establish a kingdom of "priests" on earth, in which every human will be endowed with the Holy Spirit from procreation and will use his own genetics wisely, in personal fulfillment that will serve God our Father and Creator. If this goal is not new, the step that humanity has just taken, through the Second World War and the restoration of Israel, has opened the door to obedience to God, no longer by domination of our old emotional system, but only by love, in order to receive His Love instead of the ancient programming in our brain.

Divine Love cannot be obtained on rules other than those of the divine law given by God to Moses and this is the source of all our current conflicts, in which many are those who confuse this Love with their only humanistic love. If this humanistic love is already an enormous plus, on the societal level, it is totally insufficient for every human being to be endowed with the Holy Spirit from his procreation, since it is based on human values, from which the requirements of genetic respect have been replaced by tolerance of non-respect in order to be able to say it is similar to divine Love.

Before the human being endowed with the Holy Spirit from his procreation, it is therefore necessary that Satan has been projected on earth, to try to make the divine Law reign, as in his name, by violence and falsehood, and then that he is defeated by what God calls "the Church" and which we call today the "Christian democracies".  working to obtain this divine Love, already at the individual level.

If some of those who populate our democracies today, are called over the duration of their lives, to cross as many stages as possible of this spiritual progression in love, towards divine Love, others are divinely maintained on the domination of their ancient emotional system, because managed as close as possible to this divine Love, to bring to the first cities, the indispensable support for this Love.  The former form "society" and the latter "the church".  They form to both the "Church", in the way that man and woman form the couple and are one before God.

This is the main contentious subject of our democracies, because if Jesus said that it is to the love that we will manifest towards each other, that we will be recognized, we remain focused on the individual vocation of our specificities, previously used by similarity, rather than taking advantage of these same specificities in a perfect complementarity towards the discovery of divine Love.

That is why now that we have highlighted the work to be done to achieve the divine goal, we will be able to resume from the early days of this humanity, to which we all belong.