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The evolution of the human emotional system through the ages

9 – 3 Where are we now?

Stage 5 – Openness to the Holy Spirit on the whole Church, that are democracies since 1968 and the crisis of humanity's adolescence

Those who were honest spectators of the civilizational upheaval of that time cannot doubt that it was spiritual, so perceptible was the emotional impact on all our democracies around the world. It is quite understandable that the majority of us refuse to see it as coming from the Lord God, for if we look only at the apparent result today, we ignore the societal structure necessary for tomorrow's good outcome. At the very least, then, we must see in it the fact that Satan has done a work that will have deceived him, if we know how to let ourselves be led by Christ today.

It is indeed like human adolescence, which very often generates generational conflicts, which are not necessarily due to a simple rebellion, as many imagine, but to a genetic phenomenon of neuronal death, which is essential for the proper functioning of the human emotional system, even if it leads to an apparent loss of respect for acquired values. If the interested parties know how to learn from it and come back from their mistakes, it allows them to take a new look at the situations inherited from previous generations, which generates a beneficial evolution for the new generation.

It is in this way that our democracies must come back from the mistakes of all the hippie currents and other lax excesses, consumer of drugs and debauchery of all kinds, which reflect well the defeat suffered by the Hebrews at Ai, after Jericho. Just as it was the temptation of Caleb and Joshua to turn back the clock, we must see in it the opportunity that this civilizational upheaval generated, through the societal situation indispensable to individual emotional evolution.

If today we know how to turn to Christ to come back from our mistakes, without changing the structure of society, even if the enemy of our souls had been the instigator of this movement, he would have done a work that would have deceived him, since this situation today allows the acquisition of the divine nature, where Jesus was previously supposed to cover the non-divine finality, of the programming indispensable to any form of action in the brain. It is in this respect that we must see the immense benefit brought by God in Jesus Christ, which the enemy of our souls would like to steal from us today. Lacking the divine right to crush the Western world, of which he hates and is jealous, because of the cover that the work of Jesus on the Cross offers him, he is forced to use Vladimir Putin to turn against Ukraine alone, which he considers to be his spiritual descendants, since they come from the same orthodoxy and communism.

As in the days of Adam and Eve, Satan is trying to deceive everyone's good will, to limit their ancient emotional system even more, as if it were possible today to do better than the result obtained before the rebuilding of Israel, where today Jesus wants to give us the life in abundance, under the guidance of an emotional system progressing towards actions written in his divine Nature.  

If, throughout this period, the spiritual endowment of the human being at birth remained identical to the previous one, since then every person in the "Church" has access to reconciliation with God through the baptism of the Holy Spirit, called the new birth. If Jesus said it in his time to Nicodemus, this is true only if the person is desirous of obedience to God on the values of Christ's church, but lived by love in Jesus Christ, who is the only one capable of providing this Love with balance in life in abundance and at the same time perfect respect for the divine law.

If, during the twenty centuries preceding this period, the new birth allowed those who received it to better manage the programming allowing any form of action from their brain, without changing its nature, then this new stage brings the capacity for a new "adolescence". This then changes the nature of this programming carried out on the basis of childhood achievements and directly brings it the right precision without the need to correct it through better learning.

If respect for the law is therefore fundamental, the love that leads to it is just as fundamental, and even more so, since it is the love that is called to become the driving force of all action in the divine nature, as was the case with Jesus. It is no longer just a question of teaching the child or the layman to make better use of his emotional quotient, to correct the basis of animal nature as best as possible, so that he can live a vague testimony of his duty of love before God. Everyone must know and hope to go further on the continuity of this basis, because the divine purpose in Jesus Christ today goes far beyond this dimension. In Jesus Christ, God's purpose is to bring to the sincere adult who is already endowed with the Holy Spirit, the highlighting of the traps that the programming of his old emotional system generates without his knowledge, even though they are already corrected at best by the Holy Spirit in him. It is then the animal nature in which these programming had been carried out that the adult rejects in the name of Jesus, in the face of the temptation of sin, which then opens up to Jesus the possibility of setting up his own nature.

It is no longer a question of respect for a single value encompassing both the divine will and that of a love more or less well corrected towards respect for others, but of two values that are equally fundamental as each other, to be respected, as was the case with Jesus when he was still on earth, although no human being possesses the real emotional value of them at birth.

Luckily for us, at the creation of homo sapiens, our Creator was not unaware of everything that would be indispensable for the progression of homo sapiens, and this is how he made man and woman different in the same genetics. He equipped the woman with two substantially identical chromosomes, of XX value, to bring stability to her emotional system, while the man's chromosomes were going to be XY value and bring him adaptability.

If the genetic specificities of each person, used in an additional way, allow the couple to overcome for a time the repressive rights of this tutelage, without changing its nature, their use by complementarity towards the divine objective of Jesus, allows us today to overcome the residual errors due to our animal origin. This is what Jesus systematically, had to covered before God until then, which becomes a challenge to be obtained by the couple, each used by Jesus in his own specificity, without one condemning the other, to the point of dividing, whether it is an individual or a collective couple.

Here we find the woman, the church and Israel, complementary to man, society and the nations, who must love their "wife" as Christ loved his church and gave himself for her.

If it is no longer a question of dying on the Cross as Jesus did, it is a question of gradually causing one's own ancient emotional system to die, through the action of Jesus in heaven, in order to gradually renew it until the totality in the divine nature of the Holy Spirit.

This is also why the woman, the church and Israel have remained in their original function of resisting Satan according to the word of God, and have even found themselves strengthened in its basic values, where husbands, society and democracies have entered into a management of love leading them to seek Love in its divine Nature.  until a complete victory is achieved on earth against the animal nature represented by Satan.

Just as it is from full adolescence that human beings, both men and women, can begin to procreate, since 1968 we have entered into the capacity of the couple to give birth to a dimension of divine nature, through the proper use of our spiritual specificities, to produce the new being that God wants to give birth in us in his divine nature. It is no longer a simple adaptation of the old emotional system in the manner of the Church of Christ, but a new emotional system, bringing the fullest possible belonging to the "Wife of Christ", because it is of the same nature as Him.

Each individual couple, deported from the church into society, both of whom are born of the Holy Spirit, are called to live their own conquest of Canaan, in the image of the Philadelphia Church, if God leads them there. The emotional structure of the husband allows God to use him in the role of the little child who does not "know," although his entire will is to love his wife on the basis of respect for God's word. This complete and total will then lead him to become aware of the trap that the old programming constitutes in his brain, to the point of refusing them one by one in the name of Jesus before committing them, appealing to Christ to provide him the action corresponding to the divine will. It is in this that the role of the woman is simultaneously strengthened, as if to compensate for the apparent loss of the husband's values, so that she herself could be divinely employed according to Genesis 2-18 as a help for man, “resemblant to him”, which can also be interpreted in the sense of help “to protect him from himself”.  

Once the husband has attained the spiritual values of the wife in the divine nature, God can then reverse the roles, no longer by bringing the ignorance of the little child to the latter, but by bringing her the realization that her rigors are not accompanied by Godly Love and the integrity that goes with it. If the husband's love was not bringing the right deed according to God, and had to be rewritten by Christ at the right time in order for his love to become divine in nature, the right action of the wife, produced by a still self-centered love corrected at best, must be rewritten in the divine nature of Love, by the same process of rejection as that concerning the husband, so that the action produced may become righteous according to God. Only the unwavering will of each one can led him to want to inherit Christ in heaven, of what everyone on earth lacks at birth. If this is so, it is not because Christ does not want to communicate his nature to us, or only in dribs and drabs, but out of respect for the free will of each one to choose Christ in every part of himself, and not by tolerance of sin in himself.

If today the spiritual specificities of each person are sustained by God in order to allow the spiritual fulfillment to come, it will never be a better love without God, which will allow God to bring his divine Love to the human being, any more than the word of God used with more repressive rigor, which will produce this divine Love. The good will of each one is in vain if it is not used in complementarity, in reciprocal communion between one and the other, so that from an individual level, renewed in the nature of Christ, a collective according to God can be born.

The civilizations that emerged from Judeo/Christianity are thus called today to function outside of Satan's repressive mode, not to allow distance from God, but so that everyone can enter freely into the nature of Christ. As it was before 1968, this nature would again become inaccessible to any human, if he were kept in the duty of obedience to a law or to a simple societal consensus, and no longer had the capacity to compare his own truth with the Divine Truth. The sincerity of each person is not to be called into question, but sincerity is not necessarily the truth according to God and it is not in divorce and condemnation that we obtain the favorable context to receive this nature, whether at the level of the individual or collective couple.

For lack of understand how this postulate fits into the divine will, each one struggles against God, trying to impose his way of functioning on the other in a love that is still imperfect, because each one has forgotten that he himself does not possess the divine nature, but only an image of God that is still imperfect in him. Each one then looks only to his own objective before God, as if he himself were already in perfect divine integrity, and condemns the other without realizing that he is acting in the image given by Jesus concerning the "barren fig tree", but all are astonished to bear bad fruit and blames the other.

This is what still marks this crisis of humanity's adolescence, even though it is about to come to an end, because everyone is more or less aware of the need to return to the sources of God. The conflicts arise from the fact that the divine nature was previously only accessible to humans, only in the heavens, and left a place for Satan's tutelage on earth, where now Jesus wants to bring it already on this earth, so that we can manage our evolution without blowing up our planet. This will be true until a very small number of humans obtain an emotional system corresponding to the Temple of the Holy Spirit, identical to that of Jesus on earth, which will generate the fact that Satan will then be bound for a thousand years, after he has been thrown to earth, in a desperate attempt at repression.

It is not up to us to define the magnitude of the difficulties to come, but to work for the hope of a real spiritual victory, bringing to man the understanding of his destiny on this earth. It is by placing our faith and trust in God in Jesus Christ that we will achieve victory, if we want to follow him individually and collectively until we rescue humanity from the tutelage of Satan, just as the Ukrainians are striving to stand firm against Russia, which has itself fallen into the web stretched out by the Antichrist.

This, of course, will not be the case without difficulty for all democracies, but what should encourage us to reach its conclusion is the guiding principle pursued by God for six thousand years. His desire to endow the human emotional system with his divine nature, will not vary one iota and will allow everyone the valorization of their own genetics, and a life in abundance, although on respect for the word of God and his genetic.

Humanity will indeed have taken a penultimate step and if the church will no longer exist, it will be because it will have become the Wife of Him who will reign on earth and in heaven, freeing Israel from its duty as guardian of the witness of the passage of the Eternal God on earth.

God will kill three birds with one stone, one at the individual level, one at the collective level, and one at the level of humanity as a whole.