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The Iron Rod by Love

7 – 3 Individual valuation before God, instead of condemnation

It is to value each one in his own freedom to do the divine will, and not to make followers to his cause, that Jesus will come to reign with an iron scepter, first in the individual couple, from which everything originates.

If the Six-Day War in Israel preceded the global civilizational upheaval of 1967/68, it seems obvious that we look at the results of religious consensus, at least in their broad outline, to know how to differentiate them from what God wants to bring today. If many nostalgic peoples of the life before would like to return to the path of then, it is because they were on the right side of the barrier, or that they were not born and idealize the words of their parents or grandparents.

If life could seem sweet and full of hope, it was because the post-war period had left little time for societal questions, except no doubt among the elites at the head of the movements, which did not represent obviously not the whole of society, which had to respect these consensuses in order to be accepted by the surrounding population.

The church was the head of the values observed by the society, but these did not necessarily represent the heart conviction of everyone in that society. It was an educational system through which all powers of persuasion of duty were considered useful and good, in an valorization of the reward/punishment system, which led to the idolatry of great men, just as its opposite, in condemnation of minorities. If the stereotype of good was highlighted, evil was also put there to excess, which produced a lot of injustices and superstitions, where God now wants to restructure these same societies on bases, including truth and humility individual come to replace the global hypocrisy that emerged from it.

Numerous, it's true, were those whose attitudes were not very different from those we can see in the Russian Federation today. Everyone was kept in a consensual normality, even if almost all managed it in a more or less hypocritical way in the details of their personal lives. Differences in behavior were hidden when they affected the so-called upper or religious classes, while they were highlighted when it came to minorities or the working classes, in order to hold them as an example, for the collective "good".

It is therefore not by chance that regimes such as Nazism or Communism born from it, because if everyone was more or less respectful of so-called religious values, it was not out of conviction of heart, but because of the education received in which each placed his personal interests at best, in order to accommodate himself in relation to his conscience. If Nazism was going to try to exterminate all the minorities considered harmful to society, starting with Jews, the infirm, homosexuals, gypsies and so on, communism was going to try to exterminate all the ruling classes representing in their eyes, the hypocrisy of God in Jesus Christ, to obtain the paradise on earth set up by Stalin's iron hand.

It was not very different about the couple, because if the woman was valued in her role as a mother, and as a good serious wife, her role in society valued her in nothing or only very little.

Twenty years after the Second World War, the majority of society was still at this level and it is not surprising that God wants to go further today, in the spiritual fulfillment of everyone's emotional system, the way we looked at it.

If the same kind of consensus had brought some cohesion to the Hebrew people after their exit from Egypt and their crossing of the desert, their entry into Canaan, the Holy Land, served to highlight individual errors, and it is no different today. If a difference remains, however, it lies in the individual fulfillment necessary to defeat Satan projected on earth, before this victory leads to this collective entry into Canaan, through the endowment of the Holy Spirit of the human embryo.

We are in this transition between individual and civilizational achievement in which everyone in our democracies already believes they have the rights of tomorrow, while keeping their inaccuracies in the societal respect generated by ancient spirituality. The paradox is indeed that where the rules of society are good for managing what will be the human of tomorrow, with the Holy Spirit as guide on each one, it is perhaps where individual communion with this Holy Spirit is least sought by the majority in order to put on the divine nature, if only at the level of the heart, through the baptism of the Holy Spirit. In the same paradox, but with the opposite effect, the societies in which it is most preached, is generally put into practice only through teaching seeking to value the human being attached to God, rather than individual holiness. In this it has appeared for the most part, a phenomenon of rules and propriety, which remained according to yesterday's management which leads to fundamentalist approaches of the populist type, from which suffer many Western churches, but also certain nations throughout the world.

It is therefore quite obvious that the neophyte in this field cannot find his way around and that is why spirituality is put aside today, whereas it is decisive on the civilizational level. It is in this that Jesus comes to cover the errors of each of our Western democratic nations, but that Satan also gives himself to heart joy through theocratic systems around the world, and even works twice as hard since he has only a short time left.  

The spectacle of this desolation could almost seem burlesque, if it did not generate so much violence, individual and collective, whether through all the feminicides or the Ukrainian war, not to mention its possible worldwide generalization.

We can never say it enough, this misery is that which the Eternal God wished to avoid for humanity, in the times of Adam and Eve. If Satan is the real responsible, we ourselves have a part that grows over time, as we give him rights over us, despite the revelation of the times in which we live.

His rights over us are all the less covered by Jesus, as our population is distant from the Holy Spirit, as we have seen for the Russians, because this attitude does not open everyone's understanding to understand his vocation, if only between man and woman in the couple.

Tensions, linked to the somewhat succinct biblical interpretations concerning the relationship between man and woman in genesis, generate so conflicts that can go as far as femicide, due to the multiplication of misunderstandings related to the current transitional civilizational situation.

As we have already seen an overview in chapter six in paragraph three, the emotions that emerge from the Small Brain of the Heart in the fetal state, including the perception of the Holy Spirit outside this organ, generate a different result on the female emotional system because of its XX chromosomes, compared to the male XY chromosomes. If this makes her more precocious and firmer in her ways, and leads her mainly throughout her life, to a greater spiritual perception of the logic under tutelage, or that of the Holy Spirit, when this is the case, it is good to look at this in comparison with the biblical data in order to synthesize it.

We can then realize how fundamental the initial term "Ezer Kenegdo" ("עזר כנגדו") in Genesis 2-18 is to determine, according to the Lord God, our Creator, the value of the "help" that woman is supposed to bring to man.

Through the imprecision of the level of aid, it has long been attributed to this aid a pejorative value, which have led to a majority of a divine value to be attributed to the protective physical strength of man, to which was unjustly added a greater intellectual capacity, because of his cranial volume generally more consequent.

If these characteristics were placed in man by our Creator, to reinforce his adaptability to the context of life, they would also lead him more easily to non-compliance with his genetics. The erroneous interpretations  of those who were most inclined to highlight the specificities of man, as coming from a physical and intellectual superiority recognized by God, disregarded this weakness and then drew the hasty conclusion that woman was inferior to him. In this they were comforted by the "submission" biblically required of woman towards man and did not take into account the spiritual and structural help that she can still bring today to man, essential to the balance of the couple and society.

More impartial studies, because they focused on more in-depth research of the word "ezer", to which it had been quickly attributed the translation of a "subordinate" help, bring out today an important precision, because in the Hebrew Bible, this help is never used in the sense of a subordination or inferiority of the one who brings it, but in the divine sense of this help.  This translation then corresponds perfectly to the analyses more consistent with the whole of the genetics placed by God in the woman, whose two X chromosomes, bring her two relatively similar information, in relation to man. These similarities thus lead it to greater constancy in the perception of its initial logic, already planned since the creation of homo sapiens, to lead it towards a certain respect for human genetics and therefore help of a divine nature that she can bring to the husband. It then emerges from the term "Ezer Kenegdo", a translation through which the woman becomes for the man, a help against himself, or a help to save him from himself, which we can often see in everyday life through the mother, then the wife.

In this context of spiritual help, which the woman can bring to the man, the submission of the woman then becomes essential so as not to make her an army general and to make her enter the true role of spiritual sentinel that God placed in her genetics. It is the good behavior that is required of the woman of value, to take good care of her "house" in Proverbs 31-10/31, not the walls, but those to which she transmits her own spirituality.

The submission to man, biblically required at the woman, is absolutely not to grant man rights over woman, because it is especially not removed from the husband the responsibility for his actions, since the New Testament tells us that he must provide for his wife and love her: How Christ loved the church and gave himself for her.

The woman, strengthened more quickly than the man on the values of her genetics, by a logic under tutelage fundamentally useful, to bring to the couple the approximate respect of its genetics, leads the man to finish structuring himself out of love for her, on the values necessary for their new genetic needs, because of their future procreation. The man then tries to use this love in the best possible result of the external context, by domination of his desires, to fill his wife and his descendants, which allows the woman to enter into a voluntary submission to the man and to flourish in his own specificities, because filled.    

The New Testament is in no way different from the Old, for we find the parallel in Genesis, by the fact that the Lord God created man and woman in his image, while a few verses later we see that the woman is drawn from a rib of the man. Both men and women are not only built since the egg's fertilization of the woman by the sperm of the man, which corresponds to the first biblical quotation. They are built as couples and adult individuals, by reciprocal complementarity, according to the second quote, because the man's rib is then representative of the emotion produced by the man's love for the woman, perceived by the neurons managing his heart, which themselves follow the shape of his rib cage and that of his rib mentioned.  

If God wants to use each one in its specificities, it is not that one is better than the other, but so that the fulfillment of both is used wisely and allows them to DISCOVER each other the divine Love, which neither of the man or woman, spiritual or not, initially possesses in his emotional system, as an indispensable reference to properly manage one's conscience.

As we have already said, if the genetic of Jesus was hundred percent similar to ours, his emotional system is one hundred percent different, because his mind and his feelings were built directly by the Holy Spirit, in the language of divine Love. This peculiarity therefore prohibited his emotional quotient from applying a correction to vary his behaviors towards an action different from that programmed in his brain, but only to make the right choice before applying a weak correction corresponding to the context. This is what we have already seen having to learn for ourselves to manage properly in chapter 5, in order to give Jesus, the opportunity to rewrite these programmed parts in our brain, without us intervening ourselves after their rewriting according to God.

This is the essential learning point that God wants to transmit to humans today, because if respect for our genetics is essential, learning not to dominate their feelings, without deviating from the word of God, is just as fundamental.

It is this learning that God wants to bring to humanity, but in order to compensate for the deficit that this change in mode of operation generates, God installs in first these who are the closest to the good divine reference, as was the case with those installed east of the Jordan. He installs the fittest as curators of the best possible bases acquired in the desert, and it is in this that woman enters into a role of curator of divine values, all the more marked today, since man can himself be guided towards the search for divine Love. Her "submission" remains indispensable, at least in broad terms so as not to make her a general, at the risk that man can never enter into the rewriting of the mind in divine Love as we have seen. The same is true of the church, biblically compared to the woman, whose couples possess a better perception of the divine will, applied by domination of their emotional system, as we have also seen. God sends in this those endowed with a less good programming of their feelings, favoring their awareness of their mistakes, to undertake the crossing of the Jordan and conquer divine Love.

It is not because one is better than the other, that God acts in this way, but as we have already said, because the complementarities of each are indispensable and that in this conquest, God no longer wants to use one and the other in an addition of the specificities linked to a similar mode of operation as it was before 1968. He no longer wants us to apply what we are able to understand and put into practice by ourselves, through all our correction coefficients, linked to all these ancient consensuses, but He wants our trust in Him to allow Him to make us discover what He wants to offer us by Grace. He does not ask both, therefore, to become simultaneously again as little children who do not know, but who WANT to discover what Jesus wants to bring them different, without losing each other in too great wanderings related to their egocentric love. This is also why duets are essential because the husband must accept to be confronted with the Truth of Jesus in all personal truth, but without departing from the divine precepts, to which the wife serves as a reference in the couple, if she herself is in the desire to remain in the respect of the Word of God.

If before the Second World War and until 1968, the mode of operation by similarity in the couple was used to produce a result recognized as fair by both, by adding the specificities of man / woman who valued the man to the detriment of the woman, it is not the same today. If the first impression may seem a valorization of the role of the woman, on that of the man, it is on the contrary only the good use of what the woman naturally possesses, so that, through the intermediary of the Holy Spirit, the man is endowed with the divine nature to the detriment of his ego. It is therefore not a question before God of a devaluation of man vis-à-vis woman, but of a valorization of man, by transformation of his animal nature into divine nature. It is obvious that his carnal ego must decrease by the same amount each time, but this is what allows the man to acquire in divine Love, the initial reference value that the woman constituted for him. Once this reference value is reached, God can then free the woman from the function in which she was previously employed, so that both achieve the best possible spiritual result in good harmony, and it is no different on the collective level for the church in society or for Israel among the nations.

It is this new spiritual stage which generates so many conflicts today throughout the world, starting with the individual couple, because of the incomprehension of the man in having to love his wife as Christ loves his church and gave himself for her "before she herself was perfect". It is not up to man to wait until the woman has become perfect, to make his ego die by love for her, even if it is not up to him to "obey" her. This would be to consider the reference she provides as being already perfectly accomplished in God, while it is up to man to work towards this accomplishment in Christ, as is the case collectively for society towards the church and for the nations towards Israel.

If this is therefore the difficulty of today, during this transitional period, when it is already different from that of yesterday, before Israel reconstruction, it will be even different tomorrow, on the day when Satan will have been defeated, that is, during the times during which Jesus will reign with this Iron Rod.

What was already difficult yesterday and which has become very difficult today, will suddenly have entered into something easy, or almost, since the Holy Spirit will generate a perception almost similar between the male or female fetus, but a real common aspiration towards the respect of the individual conscience. Only the collective consciousness will eventually vary, depending on whether it comes from a societal or religious consensus different from each other, requiring reciprocal individual concessions, much less profound than the tensions generated by belonging to God or to this lying tutor.

As we have already said that both man and woman born of the Holy Spirit, from the womb of their mother, only the feelings related to the learning of childhood will eventually come in opposition to each other, where today, the point of mutual incomprehension generally has its source at the fetal level.

This is why there will no longer be either man or woman on an emotional level, and that the genetics of each will be valued, without having to go through the education of the gender theory. The emotional systems of both correctly perceiving the Holy Spirit from their procreation, will lead each to flourish more easily in their own genetics. The vocation of each person before God, having become common, or almost, and no longer different, because of the essential need for complementarity, only lived experiences, which Artificial Intelligence will try to manage in "its" way, will be sources of conflicts, both in the individual couple and in the collective.

If therefore the Iron Rod by Love will have its usefulness to eliminate the residual parts of egocentrism, the important thing today is to realize that the best awaits us during this seventh day of God. We will then be able to more easily combine our wills to fight in complementarity recognized by all, against the one we must defeat first, without ourselves using the spiritual weapons belonging to him, such as vengeance or the condemnation of humans. This is true for the current conflict, whether or not we are forced to use military weapons, to defend both Ukraine and our Western democracies, but also for any other conflict that may come, before Satan is bound for one thousand years.