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We recognize the Tree by its Fruit

If we quoted Primo Levi at the end of chapter two, to emphasize the "good fruit" that the tree must bear, as well as the too frequent prophetic deceptions, it was not in order to reject all that God wants to bring us to make us victorious. When God himself gives a prophetic word, for it to come true, he generally wants to lead us by another path than that of the emotional interpretation that we can imagine, and this should warn us not to rush to accomplish for ourselves, the words that God can bring to us.  

One of the favorite sports of the enemy of our souls is in fact to incite us to use his mode of operation, and bear bad fruit which discredits God, where God would like to accomplish it through his divine dimension, to bring us forward in the good fruits of his victory.

This is that tells us 1 John 4-1: Beloved, do not add faith to every spirit; but test the spirits, to know if they are of God, for many false prophets have come into the world.

The apostle John already spoken like this, in the decades following the Crucifixion of Jesus, and this is all the truer today, through the words of a Vladimir Putin, or a patriarch Kirill, who have both took as truth the lie. If this is especially true for them, every human on earth is likely to be seduced by his own desires and some go so far as to announce and impose them to the others, as coming from God.

Regarding these writings, although we believe them to be inspired by God in Jesus Christ, they are not there as prophecies. They are based on the personal comparatives of experiences lived in the search for obedience to the Holy Spirit, with current scientific data, some of which, however, remain to be scientifically confirmed.

This is why this synthesis brings out an interpretation of biblical, historical and societal facts, quite different from those generally provided by the various Judeo-Christian religions, although these writings take their teachings into account.

As we have already read in Deuteronomy 5-9/10, God curses even the third or even fourth generation of those who turn away from him, but he blesses up to the thousandth generation of those who have remained faithful to him. We must therefore humbly ask ourselves the question: Who on earth can say that he is not worthy of God's blessing because of his birth?  

The answer can then bring to every human on earth, the hope in the fidelity of God placed in Jesus Christ towards everyone, whatever the origin of their birth, since each generation is considered twenty years, and the blessing rests thus on every “human” to whom God lent life, during the fourteen thousand years preceding Adam and Eve.

If the present times may therefore seem insurmountable to us today, faced with the rise of fundamentalisms from this emerge so many totalitarian regimes, they represent however only a very small part of humanity, and tomorrow will be a new day. It is in this that we can see that the enemy of our souls always goes about things in the same way in discouragement followed by a false hope of human power. He then uses misleading insinuations, in relation to circumstances or our origins, to make us act in our own self-protection, rather than trusting God in Jesus Christ, in his divine Love. This then gives him rights of retaliation and prohibits God from blessing us. He knows that his time is running out today, before being bound for a thousand years, and is redoubling his efforts in setting up dictatorships that resemble him, in order to find certain harmful effects in future societies, when he is loosed for a little while, at the end of the seventh day of God.

If he sees it that way, it is up to all human to thwart his plans, without taking at face value the words uttered against the West, by any form of regime that would like to re-establish some religious societal consensus, in what they consider their common sense to make divine law reign. We find there the totalitarian regimes of Mr. Kim Jong-un, or Xi Jinping, whose communism is experienced as a state religion, who ally themselves with Christian peoples taken hostage, whether it is Russia whose we spoke at length, or about Islamist movements, whose hostage-taking is much older, but just as devastating. History is not, however, limited to these past situations alone, because it is perpetuated through various current Christian movements, which are moving inexorably towards fundamentalism, to which is often added conspiracy, and its rivalries of power. All these regimes try to impose themselves on their people and on the whole world through the lust for human supremacy, judged sustained by God, while they themselves are victims of the misinformation of this lying guardian, who in this way tries to pass himself off as God. Its goal is to prevent as many humans as possible from turning toward the true God of Love in Jesus Christ and the Love of their neighbor.

If we know how to trust Christ, Satan will have done a work that will have deceived him one last time, because as we can already see the effect through the multiple memberships of nations in NATO, his attempts at intimidation through theocracies will undoubtedly lead many humans to become aware of the deception they have suffered from him since centuries.

This is also why we must absolutely not allow ourselves to be impressed by the demonic prophecies of dictators, nor even by the fear of their words, whether they are uttered in the name of God, or whether they simply insinuate.

It is a Christian duty to test before God the words addressed to us in his name, and this is why in Jesus Christ, not only does God not reprove anyone who tests the words of anyone speaking in his name, but asks it of anyone who wants to follow him and only him. Wanting to recognize the tree by its fruit has therefore become more essential than ever, because it is no longer only a question of confessing Jesus, as the liar knows how to do, but of discerning the true from the false in relation to the use of the word of God. There are many people around the world today who use not only the word of God to their advantage, but also the Holy Spirit. With charisma, they use the weakness of the new converts, to better convince them of the battles to be fought to reign over the world according to God, forgetting the foundations of Love of one's neighbor. Some political parties among the nations we have just mentioned, or even among some Christian democracies, are then trained to put Jesus forward, as if it were a safe haven of integrity, and a guarantee towards the reign of human power, which God wants to establish on this earth during the coming millennium.  

This is to omit what is said in Revelation two and three about the seven Churches, for while all have their usefulness before God and will generate faithful who will be saved, only one will have already received the crown of the Holy Spirit, already on this earth and will therefore already have left the tutelage of Satan, by disappearance of his original sin, to the profit of the divine nature.

The Church of Philadelphia described in Revelation 3-8. however, will have little power on earth, and it is the burgeoning of this Church which is at the origin of all current world tensions. The other six churches will be similarly useful in their own vocations, but it is the only one over which the Synagogue of Satan will not have rights, given the divine nature that it will have received from Christ in heaven. This proves how anyone who is seeking power among the nations, and grants himself the right to use the weapons of Satan in his fight, is not acting in the true divine purpose of receiving the Holiness of Jesus, in place of their original sin. Any action, even military, must therefore be carried out with respect for others, because our fight must never be carried out by revenge on humans, as was often the case in societal consensuses.

This is why we must clearly differentiate between the vocation of the church which was to resist Satan, to remove all repressive rights from him, and the vocation of “the Church”, made up of churches in each democratic nation, resulting from ancient consensus, for which the divine objective is its concrete EXIT from the tutelage of Satan.

Anyone who is content today to resist Satan takes all the risks of following him as antichrist and even if Jesus will undoubtedly not allow eternal life to be taken away from those who have sincerely entrusted their lives to him, it is possible that their time and calling on earth will be affected.

Jesus will take care of everyone baptized with the Holy Spirit, therefore placed under his protection, although he asks everyone not to be seduced by collective beliefs, as the apostle John tells us about "Babylon the Great” in Revelation 18-4/5: And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.

If there is one fruit that should be proscribed today in the “Church”, it is that of inciting, in the name of God, the domination of humans, in the mode of functioning reserved for Satan. The closer humanity gets to divine nature, the more we must learn to behave according to God, who did not himself lower himself to reprimand humans, but used Satan, of animal nature identical to humans of yesterday, to ensure this function. The time has indeed come for him to be bound for a thousand years, before being released for a short time, at the end of the seventh day of God, in order to take with him every animal tradition and to be definitively removed from spiritual supervision over humans.  

It is the harmful impact on the human emotional system, which was born from it since Adam and Eve, that God would have wished to avoid for all of humanity, if they themselves had remained confident in Him and had not been seduced by this fallen angel. If they were reprehensible in the eyes of God, despite their lack of knowledge and perspective allowing them a sincere analysis, this makes us all the more responsible today, as this is no longer our case.

The search for true spiritual purity, which cannot be acquired humanly, has become indispensable, inasmuch as humans will soon no longer be born endowed with the old logic, once the total victory of the Church of Philadelphia will have been obtained on Satan, through Christ in heaven. The mind in the human brain will then be of divine nature, even if his feelings will remain influenced by certain errors of educational origin, from which physical aggression will must at least be absent.

When Mr. Putin therefore speaks of the supremacy of his new world order during the coming century, he is in fact speaking of the destabilization that Satan hopes to produce on humanity and it is up to each person to know how to understand this for themselves, in order to avoid this trap.

Any repressive system used to obtain a form of societal consensus is therefore bound to disappear sooner or later. Indeed, any societal consensus has the sole purpose of excluding those parts of society that do not correspond to the image of respect for the word of God, whether it comes from God himself or from communism for example.  

If, led by the Holy Spirit, the result brought a certain "sanctification", without which no one can see the Lord even today, it does not mean that all those who gave themselves the appearance of good Christians did so with a "heart", as God wants us to accomplish today. For this we must differentiate between the sanctification necessary for the accomplishment of all our part, and that of the renewal of the spirit that Jesus himself wants to place in us. This renewal, whether in our "heart" or in our brain, is not accessible to the human by itself, is not accessible to the human, but only to God if we allow him the opportunity as we have seen.

As we have also seen, without the right to error, which no society subject to any form of consensus has, whether communist or Christian, Muslim or Buddhist, it would always as be impossible as precedingly for us, to open the doors to Jesus at the right time, so that he himself carries out this rewriting of the mind. This is of capital importance so as not to condemn democracies in their current weaknesses, by supporting them in the vocation that God placed on them, so that they do not enter into tolerance of sin, although remaining in the will to leave Jesus, the ability to finish what he started through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. As we have seen mainly since chapter 4, this baptism perfectly removes us from the tutelage of Satan, through the provision of functionalities with which our genetics are provided, and of which we are deprived by the logic under tutelage. Entering a restrictive societal system would therefore place the Holy Spirit in the impossibility of reversing the mode of operation by domination of the programming carried out in original nature, which would no longer allow Jesus in heaven, to ensure its rewriting.

This is why Satan tries to impose his totalitarian ways to prohibit Jesus in heaven, his total accomplishment on the human, giving him the rights reign on earth, as is already the case in the heaven, by his Victory on the Cross.

This is not to say that some of the values that Vladimir Putin claims today are not right, when he uses the Word of God against what he calls, "Western Nazism". It is the fruit through which he imposes it on the world by force, which is there to prove to us what is the spirit that leads him to do so.  If some of his words may therefore be the most accurate, the poison that is added to them is in the bygone way of obtaining them, which corresponds to his spiritual nature pre-Adam and Eve.

If the false Russia of Vladimir Putin cannot understand this, it is because the spiritual orientation generated by the communist years was premeditated by Satan to eliminate any form of progress for the Russian people, towards the communion of God, in order to close as much as possible access to Love of divine nature. Quite understandably, through the idolatry of themselves in which they have been formatted, they call the Christian democracies, Sodom and Gomorrah, because their understanding cannot differentiate between the need to manage their emotional system differently, in order to obtain from God himself the behavior related to the true divine nature. If it is true that from a purely human perspective, our Western democracies seem to be leading to a flagrant disappearance of basic Christian values, this will only be true for a time, before obtaining a much better result than before, by access of “heart and mind” to divine Love in each person.  

On the other hand, there is another Russia, the true one, which retains a real attachment to Christ, and which is able to wake up if we bring it the lived witness of Christ and the real divine purpose, in response to the sarcasm uttered towards the West by Vladimir Putin or his state television.

The life of a nation is not looked at according to the duration of individual human life, and if Russia was caught in the net of a satanic system, which has stretched its web for more than two centuries now, we must not forget what Russia was at the time of revolution of 1789 in France, in order to bring out it from its ashes. We would otherwise be in the image of Joseph's brothers, who out of jealousy sold it to the Midianite merchants, to the great dismay of Jacob their father, and perhaps today to the great dismay of God our Father.

In the very first days following our French revolution of 1789, the Tsar of this Russia was already working through Alexander 1st to establish in 1801 what he considered to be a true democracy, which was joined for a time, a French republican Christian, in the person of General Jean-Victor Marie Moreau.

Tsar Alexander 1st was none other than the grandson of Catherine II of Russia, who was born herself in 1729 in the extreme north-west of Poland, of a German princely couple, who entrusted the daughter’s education to a French Huguenot, Babette Cardel. During a childhood, which remained within a radius of less than one hundred and forty kilometers from Berlin, this Huguenot taught the future Tsarina the manners and graces of the society from which Catherine came, as well as the French language. At the age of fifteen, Catherine became the wife of the Tsar Peter III of Russia, before dismiss him to take over, and giving birth to a son, of one of her lovers. Becoming a grandmother, she then took charge of the education of her grandsons, so that they could be taught both French and democratic values, through a French-speaking Swiss republican tutor, Frédéric César de la Harpe. Thus, at the tumultuous succession of his father Paul 1st, the grandson of Catherine the Great, Alexander 1st, calling himself a republican, tried to bring democratic values to his country, as much as it was going to be possible for him to do. For many reasons, part of which is attributable to the international situation dictated by Napoleon 1st, his attempts at reform did not however result in a profound change on the domestic level.

Our history books are not always very eloquent towards the democratic immorality of our ancestors, in which Napoleon's opportunism led him into what he called "to emancipate" the Europe, not to make it a true European Christian democracy, as was the case of Alexander 1st, but to take possession of it himself.

If it is always possible to cast doubt on the republican sincerity of Alexander 1st, General Jean Victor Marie Moreau, whom we have just mentioned, makes it possible to remove the doubt of any ambiguity on this subject, because perfectly contemporary with Bonaparte, to the point of having been appointed both generals at the same time, their motivations were opposed. If one was going to follow the path known to all, with the glory generally attributed to him in France, the other, the true and sincere towards the republic and the nation, was not only to be discredited, but condemned and hunted down until he had to emigrate clandestinely, for lack of having supported the opportunist general in his thirst for the conquest of the whole of Europe.

If this general Moreau, born in Morlaix in 1763, was indeed appointed general at the same time as Napoleon Bonaparte, the first consul was suspicious of him like the plague, because he was probably the only one who could supplant him politically. A liberal republican at heart and a convinced patriot that he was, Jean Victor Marie Moreau was accused of treason, because of the very strong pressure from Napoleon, due to his refusal to rally to him to conquer Europe. Instead of being useful to the French Republic, Moreau then had to go into exile in the United States where he was acclaimed as a hero, before being introduced to Tsar Alexander 1st, as a support for his motivations of democracy. Their exchanges were short-lived because of circumstances outside Russia, for despite his desire to re-establish a republican and democratic regime in France, Moreau died of wounds inflicted by a French cannonball.  The proof is then provided to us of the sincerity of this tsar that was Alexander 1st, in the face of his desires for democracy, because he buried General Moreau as Field Marshal of Russia, in the crypt of the church of St. Catherine of the French in St. Petersburg, on whose tomb he had engraved the epitaph "Moreau, knight of humanity".

Another proof, perhaps even more flagrant, of the republican sincerity of Alexander the First, was the respect of his word given to Jean Victor Marie Moreau, not to amputate the France of any territory after the victory of the allies against Napoleon. If his thirst for conquest had been his motivation of war against Napoleon, as some imply, because of his many other conquests, why would he have done so much thanks to France?

General Moreau was later posthumously recognized as Marshal of France, while Alexander 1st continued with difficulty, as for him, to fulfill the difficult job of tsar, that weighed up on him more and more. Thus, in all likelihood, he organized his funeral on November 19, 1825, before ending his life as Starets under the name of Fyodor Kuzmitch. If this was never one hundred percent genetically verified, many circumstances tend to prove it. The most flagrant are those of his funeral, during which his coffin had remained closed, contrary to Orthodox traditions, that his tomb was later reopened without a body being found there and that he was publicly acknowledged before his death, by some witnesses of the time, confirmed by some of his words that only the tsar could know.

It is not for us to affirm this, nor to discredit all sincere people who were in the idolatry of tsarism, as others were of the so-called monarchies of divine birth, whether in France or throughout the world. This idolatry was probably the biggest of their traps, and the reason why the Lord God could not use them to produce what we are witnessing today, through democracies, but so it is for everyone in his errors, which open rights to Satan over him, if he doesn't repent of it.    

It was undoubtedly in the hope of this repentance in Jesus Christ that God ended up protecting Russia from the desires of Napoleon, but in the absence of this, he allowed the revolutionary currents to take place which led to this hostage taking. by Satan, through 1917, so that Russia would one day come back from its errors.

The good intentions of this Tsar Alexander 1st could not be granted by God in these ancient times, since Israel had to have been previously rebuilt, for the desert to flourish again, according to the words of Jesus and this is therefore what we will remember about those ancient times.

It is this desert in our “hearts” that it is up to us to make blossom again, because then we will not be tempted to damn today's Russia by attributing to it all the worst words on earth. This era existed, as did many atrocities around the world, done in the name of God by Western Judeo/Christian civilization. All these horrors, of which we do not always have to be proud, are therefore there to lead our understanding today in the defense of the Russian Orthodox of that time and even of these tsars. It is this fruit that we must want to bear in Jesus Christ, becoming defenders before God of the true Christian Russia that still exists today in the hearts of some Russians.

This true Russia is the one that God keeps in his heart, because this Russia was honest and upright, and many of them did not bow the knee before Stalin, like a Ukrainian friend I knew in 1981, and who was himself a descendant of this lineage. If the majority of them suffered at certain periods the agonies of the Gulag, until death followed, some of their descendants today only have the delirious television shows of the propaganda channels, to be able to form a concrete opinion concerning the Christian West.   

These are all sincere people, who are themselves kept away from this new world in which God first wants to bring the divine Weapons to everyone, so that no one is left behind towards the baptism of the Holy Spirit, until they can work to receive the divine Love of Christ in heaven.

We live in times, which have this particularity, that everything is brought to light if we know how to look at ourselves according to the whole of what Jesus called "the Church". At the level of humanity, we find what everyone calls the Judeo/Christian civilization, in which General de Gaulle appears on the France. He embodied Christian rigor, in the same way as Moses on Israel, and participated in giving birth to the first Council of Europe only four years after May 8, 1945. Being himself in a vision of a Europe with a more confederal character, certain desires on his part did not prevent the Treaty of Paris which established the European Coal and Steel Community. Twelve years were then enough for the Treaty of Rome to see the light of day, with the birth of the EEC and its six founding states, on March 25, 1957. The stones were then laid for the establishment of the European Community in 1992, before that it does not become EU in 2007.

If we dare to quote General de Gaulle in relation to the spirituality of the times in which we live, it is because he was at the same time the one who imposed himself on the allies to become the liberator of the France, without whose intervention it would no longer exist, or at least no longer in its present form, but as a territory under English or American tutelage, as envisaged by Churchill and Roosevelt. Unlike these allies to whom he imposed himself, General de Gaulle became President of the French Republic, and therefore greatly contributed to the restructuring of the post-Second World War universe, until the fateful date of 1968, the year of the reversal of the way of functioning of the democracies.

This humanity which hitherto received the collective influence to better urge it to dominate its individual emotional system, now finds itself called to structure itself individually by "love", in order to produce a collective according to God with Israel, advancing towards divine Love for one's fellow man, through democracies.

It is in this that among the nations, Israel finds itself today in the image of woman and the church, as the basis of the divine will, with a greater structural fragility inciting it to enter itself in authoritarianism generating, whatever the cost, ancient religious consensuses. Just like the woman on an individual level, or the church on a collective level, the nation of Israel risks being drawn into the trap of the enemy of our souls, and this is why we do not have to encourage it in its errors, but know how to persevere in communion with it, without condemning it. Just as the husband must know how to love his wife as Christ loves his church, and know how to endow the divine nature himself in order to then benefit his wife, Western democracies must know today how to advance in their own renewal in Christ, and not impose on Israel simple humanist values, from which God would protect it Himself. We therefore do not have to condemn anyone and even less Israel in what seem to us to be errors of self-protection, whether in excess of violence or in unconditional humanism.

This is what should motivate us to support our Christian democracies, in their progress towards divine Love, alongside Israel, without accepting a return to the old mode, identical to that which the Russian Federation is trying to impose in the world today. It is up to each person to want to let themselves be challenged by God in their own individual vocation, because He is the great organizer of all these upheavals, in which each person will find the Peace of God and victory, if they trust their Holy Spirit.

Perhaps then some Russian Christians, who have never bent their knees before what Satan did with Russia, will rise up in the name of their fathers who disappeared in Stalin's Gulags, as will those millions of Ukrainians of the Holodomor.

They will have realized that they did not have the right to see their beautiful nation disappear from the ways of God and will generate a current similar to that which General de Gaulle in France participated in generating in Europe.

This Europe of tomorrow will then perhaps have all its members, including Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and so many others, to face together the Millennium that is coming to the world. If this is the case, everything will not always be easy,  in the face of artificial intelligence, especially in its self-conceptions, but God never asks beyond our capacities and it is to Him that we owe trust more than ourselves. The same will be true tomorrow of trust in the Holy Spirit, to which our descendants and all humans of tomorrow will have to remain all the more attached, as each one will then be endowed with it from their procreation.  

May God forgive us all our past, present and future sins, so that one day all the nations of the earth may glorify Jesus, his beloved Son, who today is preparing this Kingdom of the Priests for God his Father on this earth.

To Him be all the Glory for ever and ever! Amen!