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No! They did not die in vain

2 – 3 The Dawn of God's seventh day

It is in our sincerity to lead those we want to protect from error, that this one traps us, where we believe ourselves invulnerable. We believe in a perfect legitimacy to condemn the one over whom our duty to him gives us the impression of possessing rights, without realizing that it is in this condemnation of his descendants, that Satan himself will have been trapped during his projection on earth.  All his learning to mask his emotions to better appear the one who perfectly respects the divine rules, in order to drag as much as possible to follow him, traps Satan today on what he considers his rights over his descendants.  Where Lucifer's rights were limited to his duties towards the human, Satan, through Vladimir Putin, has only looked at his rights over those they consider to be from the same orthodoxy as him and is thus revealed to the whole world, through the "Russian special operation" in Ukraine.

We must not hide our faces, if our civilization is at this level today, it is because God gives us the aspiration to leave definitively the animal world from which we come and which had been placed under the repressive tutelage of Lucifer. If the human allowed himself to be seduced by following this tutor who took the name of Satan, in the time of Adam and Eve, humanity adopted the mode of operation for the most part, where God would have wanted the human not to dominate his fellow man, but only his own emotional system to keep him out of Satan's ways. Today that we are called to no longer act according to a mode of operation by domination of our emotional system, but by "love", as we will see later, it is therefore not to return to the one before Adam and Eve, as Russia is doing now.

If God allows us to still be divided between two modes of functioning complementary to each other, it is because they are still both called to maintain us on the values of our genetics, one by the strong method so that we manage to tame our emotional system built on ancient values, the other by accepting to let us be led to receive from The Lord God in Jesus Christ, his divine nature, which enabled His beloved Son to fulfill the law given by God to Moses.

This divine nature is not a doctrine of non-violence, any more than a religion of the knowledge of good and evil, like lukewarm ones that God will vomit. On the contrary, it is the fact of accepting to learn to dominate our entire emotional system, to produce the best possible approach to the divine, before being led by Jesus in heaven, to become again little children who do not know. It is only in the desire to receive from Christ, the emotional part in relation to the situation encountered, that allows him to endow our brain with its true nature in adulthood and to rewrite in us the old programming carried out initially. This is why it is not a question of believing ourselves transformed once and for all by the baptism of the Holy Spirit, because this leads to confusion between our own desires and the reality of God, but of moving forward step by step at his side in order to be aware of what is not within our reach, and that God wants to offer us by grace in Jesus Christ.

The wish of The Lord God is that in Jesus Christ no human should fall into the trap into which these tyrants fell, who put into practice this satanic deception, like Lenin, Stalin, Putin, perhaps believing themselves to act for what they considered the true God. In Jesus Christ, God asks us to be able to go so far as to love our enemy as ourselves, and so it is not up to us to adopt Satan's rules if we want to achieve a result according to God.

What man fights without God's help, even if he does it "for" God, leads him to fight the right fight in the wrong way and is the trap that closes on him or on his descendants, when his sincerity is not the divine Truth. It is in our sincerity that we are most easily tricked into adopting in the name of God, the mode of operation reserved for the one who became Satan, because of his own disobedience to God.  

The important thing is therefore not to work "for" God with an imprecise adaptation of our old emotional system, but "with" God, to open to him the right to the reconstruction of this emotional system according to the Divine Nature.

It was doubtless in their sincerity in serving what they considered a just cause, lived as a state religion, that the greater part of these Russians, probably no worse than others, were blinded towards God and became the executioners of those who had remained attached to the Lord God. The hatred which this "little father of the peoples" manifested against these millions attached to this God of Love, was undoubtedly equaled only by that from which he had suffered himself and from which he drew the spiritual image of The Lord God, while it corresponded exactly to that of this tutor turned liar, from whom he derived his mode of operation. Through his fight against God, only Satan knows how to manifest this hatred to the point of coldly contemplating this voluntary extermination by the famine of so many millions of unfortunate Ukrainians that was the Holodomor, just as Hitler practiced the Jewish extermination of the Shoa and other forgotten holocausts.

He who believes himself strong and powerful to the point of being able to lead his life without God, or by taking God by the hand, does not suspect what awaits him, because God does not leave all human exactions unpunished forever, especially if the persecuted remain more attached to Him than to his own vengeance, as was the case with his people in Egypt. This is the key to what saves Ukraine today, because if like Pharaoh, Hitler exterminated the Jewish people and led to the restoration of Israel in 1948, Mr. Putin's special operation, will sign at its end the application of the first sentence, to be bound for a thousand years, while it has weighed on Satan for six thousand years.   

The Lord God answers today the prayer of those millions of Ukrainians who were knowingly exterminated ninety years ago in the name of this Godless religion, which Satan tried to use to bring mankind back to its simplest animal expression of homo sapiens.  The Churches, which are our Christian democracies, must fight for the seventh day of God breaks, during which The Lord God will rest, for his righteousness will reign on earth and in heaven, through the true Savior whose iron rod will be just, because never devoid of divine Love, contrary to the destructive imagination of the antichrist who will have preceded him.  

If lukewarmness toward God is what will lead God to vomit the lukewarm, as is biblically taught in many Christian churches around the world, it is because our intelligence can in no way replace the divine presence. Either it leads to becoming what these executioners became, or it leads to the presumption of being better than God, by accepting concessions to our genetics and that is why it must be renewed today in Jesus Christ, so as not to silence the Holy Spirit in us.

Intelligence, the true one, is that which takes into account the Holy Spirit to become a little child again, because he discovers real capacities that were hitherto unknown to him, as long as he wanted to obtain the synthesis by his intelligence alone.

God wants to bless us far beyond our expectations and it is through these discoveries that we can become aware, that today he keeps the promises he made to our fathers in faith. If we are lucky enough to live in such a crucial time for humanity, it is up to us not to miss the door still open, making sure not to be convinced by anything other than the reason to Love one another, until we can Love our enemy as ourselves.

If it emerges for some only a philosophy, Jesus did not teach us so, because he says "we recognize the tree by its fruit". It is also in this that the words of some must keep us awake more than others, as was the case with those that Primo Levi left us on his return from Auschwitz: [That is why we all have the duty to meditate on what happened. We all need to know, or remember, that when they spoke in public, Hitler and Mussolini were believed, applauded, admired, worshipped as gods. They were "charismatic leaders", they possessed a mysterious power of seduction which owed nothing to the credibility or correctness of the words they made but which came from the suggestive way in which they held them, to their eloquence, to their loquacity of histrionics, perhaps innate, perhaps patiently studied and focused. The ideas they proclaimed were not always the same and were generally aberrant, stupid or cruel; and yet they were acclaimed and followed until their death by thousands of faithful. It must be remembered that these faithful, and among them the zealous executors of inhuman orders, were not born executioners, they were not – with rare exceptions – monsters, they were ordinary men. Monsters exist, but they are too few to be truly dangerous; those who are more dangerous are ordinary men, officials ready to believe and obey without discussion, like Eichmann, like Höss, the commandant of Auschwitz, like Stangl, the commander of Treblinka, like, twenty years later, the French soldiers who killed in Algeria, and, thirty years later, like the American soldiers who killed in Vietnam. (Or today the Russian soldiers trying to exterminate Ukraine...)

We must therefore be wary of those who seek to convince us by other means than by reason, in other words charismatic leaders: we must weigh our decision carefully before delegating to someone else the power to judge and want in our place. Since it is difficult to distinguish true prophets from false ones, let us beware of all prophets; It is better to renounce revealed truths, even if they transport us by their simplicity and brilliance, even if we find them convenient because we have gratis them. It is better to be satisfied with other more modest and less exciting truths, those which are laboriously conquered, gradually and without skipping the steps, by study, discussion and reasoning, and which can be verified and demonstrated.

Of course, this recipe is too simple to apply to all cases: it may be that a new fascism, with its procession of intolerance, abuse and servitude, is born outside our country and is imported into it, perhaps surreptitiously and camouflaged under other names; or that it is unleashed from within with a violence capable of breaking down all barriers. Then the advice of wisdom is no longer useful, and we must find the strength to resist: in this too, the memory of what happened in the heart of Europe, not so long ago, perhaps a help and a warning.]

At the heart of this Europe today is Ukraine, which may not yet be one hundred percent fully integrated into the Christian democracies of the European Union, but whose heart is already so deeply rooted in the Lord God of Love in Jesus Christ, that it is already bearing better fruit than many of us who have been citizens of Europe for several decades.

If it is impossible to emerge unscathed from seventy years of satanic furnace without God, the proof of the existence of God is in the few decades that the Ukrainians took to get out of the slump into which the USSR had plunged them, where the glorious Russians of the great and holy Russia sink every day a little more. It is up to each one to choose this God in Jesus Christ and to make him his personal Savior and Lord, if he wishes to enter into the light of this Millennium that we see dawning on the world and of which Ukraine is today a torch.

Many nations around the world are aspiring to become one of these torches through populist currents, democratic or not, Christian or not, because of all those who "think they know". The Lord God, however, only gives this torch to those nations who agree to become little children who "do not know" again, and work collectively to put on His Love rather than to make His law reign according to their own interpretation of wanting to be stronger than others. What these people among these nations do not know is that these executioners, who Vladimir Putin and so many others became, were not born executioners, but became so through evil motives, which led them to a bad way of functioning, which Satan rejoices today to see that after he will have been bound, some humans will continue to prove him right.

This is the task that will be reserved for democracies and for every human being in them, during the coming millennium, in the mode of functioning of their Lord and Savior, which will lead them to divine Love in everyone. This is the door that God opens to mankind who will not have accepted to dominate the human and who will have become the Bride of Christ, whereas today it is only the Church of Philadelphia in Revelation 3-8: I know your works. Behold, because you have little power, and have kept my word, and have not denied my name, I have put before you an open door, which no one can close.  

It was this divine testimony of humility that the Holodomor brought, who saved Ukraine, because he brought it what the "Great and Holy Russia" strives to assert its power by adopting Satan's mode of operation, while hiding behind the word of God so that he can call the Ukrainians "Nazi", where they themselves manifest the attitude.

They seek to remove the straw that is in the eye of the Ukrainians without seeing the beam that is in theirs, and that is also why it is better to pity them than to blame them, without giving in to a single iota of their desires. It is fundamental at our level to open to them the right to repentance, to which every human being is entitled despite his mistakes, because Jesus at the Cross did not insult his executioners, but said "Father, forgive them! They don't know what they're doing! ».

The return to God of the majority of Russians is undoubtedly to be found in the unfailing victory of Ukraine, for God's grace will be manifested in the defeat of what they call "Great and Holy Russia". This will be a grace of God, for it will open to them the doors of repentance experienced by the Germans. So will every form of theocracy, which one day or another will give way to the Kingdom of the Priests, which Jesus is preparing for God his Father.

Ukraine and all the nations of the earth will be part of it, because every human will have been cleansed of his animal nature and all his impure traditions taking him away from his Creator during this Seventh Day of God, this Millennium that we see dawning on humanity.