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The mode of functioning by love, complementary to that of the church in democracies

5 – 4 The separation of church and state

If our fathers in faith, established throughout the world certain monarchies as being of divine birth, with all that this brought of confusion to the greatest number, as we saw in chapter 2-2, it is not up to us to judge them, but to avoid repeating the error at another level.  

It can indeed be the same in our Western democracies, when they claim to be representative of the name of God. It is then in the adoption of mentions made implicitly or explicitly in the name of God by their constitution, that they influence their society and sometimes neighboring nations, towards competing results. These then come in the justification of their spirituality, which feeds more their individual reward/punishment system, than the real desire to do the divine will in all humility.

Their initial good intentions are then drowned in an old-fashioned form of consensus, which leads to a form of competition in which the name of God does not appear systematically, but always remains present to justify a better result individually and between nations, from which no one can emerge victorious.

Only the result is taken into account, rather than the quality of listening to the Holy Spirit, each for himself in all humility. This humility then becomes the bad testimony of God in their eyes, perceived as a lack of faith, but also as if the God God's purpose was to make supermen, whose vocation would be to lead others. God wishes to enter everyone's heart through a narrow door, as Luke 13-24 asks us, but this leads them to act in the image of his people, who imposed on him the human glory of a king in 1 Samuel 8, to whom everyone can identify himself.  

It is in this that the wisdom of the separation of church and state is fundamentally indispensable in a Christian democracy, without individually accepting to lose the perception of the Holy Spirit on everyone, so that all remain free to act in what God asks of them. This separation is also essential for the proper use by complementarities of our emotional specificities created by God, in the same way as the physical specificities of the man/woman couple are necessary to be able to procreate naturally.

We will return to this in the next chapter, because in a democratic society, everyone must be able to enter freely toward Christ, according to his own mode of operation. To impose Christ, or one's own mode of operation on others, is already to make them enter into a taking of sides for God, as a state rule and it is at best, to lack trust in God. In the worst case it is to prefer to lose oneself knowingly or unconsciously, to better dominate the world and impose on it the respect of the divine law according to one's own interpretation. If God will be ashamed of the one who will be ashamed of him, to put him forward as the driving force of all action in us is to use him as a safeguard of integrity, which often serves only to better mask our own rivalries, rather than repent of them. If Satan's trap at this level is not yet equal to the one he set on Russia, the antagonism that emerges from it, nevertheless constitutes the jaws of a trap ready to close.  

It is this trap that is set for our democracies today, because repentance is a proof of strength, capable of denouncing one's errors. It is this strength that allows God to bring us the humility of a child, contrary to what we like to put forward, our superiority as accomplished adults, for fear of not being able to impose ourselves on the rest of the world.

If we have now entered the tipping point from yesterday's world to tomorrow's, it is up to our Christian democracies to know how to take into account without tearing themselves apart, the example left by the Lord God on Israel during the Old Testament. The battle that our ancestors fought is the one that we must wage by faith, against what Satan has built that does not conform to the Holy Spirit in us, and that is what we are called to today.

The Lord God first used Israel to bring the revelation of its nature to mankind, then through Moses, he made his people avoid the rights of the exterminating angel, before bringing them out of the slavery of Egypt. Once out of Egypt, the time was very long in the desert, during which the column of smoke by day and that of fire by night guided the whole people, before Moses was led by God to settle a part of this people east of the Jordan, on the same mode of operation as in the desert. He then sent to conquer Canaan, on the other side of the Jordan, those who would be able to inherit greater holiness through their multiple battles in the close presence of the Ark of the Covenant and physically supported by men of fighting age, belonging to the first tribes already settled. Thus, these battles made them aware of the gross mistakes that many of them would not have made in the desert, any more than the first settled tribes would have allowed themselves. Since Jesus had not yet been given for the forgiveness of sins, it was their collective defeats that led them to question the responsibility of the most reprehensible among them, but also to accede to collective repentance under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, felt externally through the Ark of the Covenant, until they conquered the Holy Land of Canaan in its almost totality.

Several centuries later, this better carnal purification, towards holiness, served as the basis for the coming of the Savior in the person of Jesus Christ, who was born of the Holy Spirit from the womb of Mary, his mother. Born in the same genetics as ours, but endowed with a completely different emotional system, built entirely on the "logic" of the Holy Spirit, he was able to fulfill the law given by God to Moses and transmit this Holy Spirit in the "heart" of whoever who would want to follow him, as it was from the first Pentecost.

Through this fulfillment by only one man, we then find, in the New Testament, the same journey as during the Old Testament, towards the collective good management of the desert of divine Love of our feelings. The pillar of fire at night and that of smoke by day, was replaced by the church led by the Holy Spirit, bringing to the rest of society this guide used in the same mode of operation as each other. This was the period from the Crucifixion of Jesus to the restoration of Israel in 1948. During this period, humanity came out of slavery, and surpassed this long time in the desert, before which the Holy Spirit is placed in relation to our emotional system, on a mode of functioning by domination of the wrong egocentric programming, both on the church, on society.

In the continuity of the exit from the desert, and the restoration of Israel in 1948, we find two very distinct periods, for those who lived them. The first lasted from 1948 until 1967/68 and the second in which we are still today. The first of these periods did not bring any change in mode of operation, neither on the church nor on society, because it corresponded to that of the settlement east of the Jordan, of the two and a half tribes led by Moses, on the same mode of operation as before in the desert. The second period, in which we have been since then, corresponds to the crossing of the Jordan by the other Hebrew tribes, and the adoption of a mode of operation by love, which democracies have been called to use themselves since then, without acting by individual and collective domination, nor for all that to ignore divine rules.

The Guide of God that was the presence of the Ark of the Covenant during the capture of Canaan, is now replaced by the Holy Spirit from the "heart," of anyone willing to do the divine will in Jesus Christ and work to rewrite the feelings and spirit in the brain, until producing as much of the Temple of the Holy Spirit as possible.

If the rules of divine law are largely forgotten today, in favor of human teaching without God, even if it means adopting rules contrary to our genetics, many would like to return to the east of the Jordan, in a mode of operation by domination, not of their emotional system, but that of the human by different societal/religious consensus.  

It would at best be a return to the capture of yesterday's Canaan as if it had never taken place in the Old Testament, and the Deliverer had never been given, or worse, it would be to adopt in the name of Christ the mode of operation reserved to Satan over the human, as if we had never left the Egypt.

In this we are at the defeat of Ai after Jericho, or many other battles of our Canaan of today, which leaves much room for theocratic systems, which use the word of God to mask their appetite to dominate the world, as is the case with Satan's rivalry with God. Therefore, strengthened by what is said in Revelation 12-17, Christian democracies must know how to remain united, in order to use their differences in complementarity, in support of those against whom the enemy of our souls turns today against the rest of his descendants, which is Ukraine.  

If the call of the Church was for a long time to evangelize the rest of the world, on rules often poorly followed, both by the Church and by society, the divine call of today is to know how to stand in respect of each one, despite his differences and sometimes even his belligerences, without responding to blows with other blows. It is not accepting error to accept to suffer it for a time, by love for the other, in the image of Jesus whom our human nature sacrificed to the Cross. If Jesus said go and make disciples of all nations, we must not forget today that he also said in Matthew 5-44 Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who mistreat you and persecute you and he even added to verse 45, "that ye may be sons of your Father which is in heaven."

It is this state of mind that Jesus wants to give to "the Church", to the point of defeating Satan and his repressive system, through perfect communion with Christ in heaven. If we are not here to make predictions and even less prophecies about the times during which this victory will occur, then the whole of humanity will be individually called to get rid of all its bad traditions leading it out of the divine ways, while maintaining a management in love, as it was in Canaan for the Hebrews, and not by domination over each one. This will not be a lesser task, because since Satan will have been bound for a thousand years, after having turned against the rest of his "descendants", through the Ukraine, or throughout Europe, the traditions coming from him, as well as the excesses of “the beast”, of artificial intelligence, risk leading a large number of humans into a system just as restrictive as that of Satan, and far removed from that of God. The nations that are our democracies today will then have to endure the difficulties that will emerge, while remaining on the values given by God to Israel and accomplished by Love.

It is through this fulfillment that Israel will be freed from the testimony of the Lord God's passage on earth, whose it is holder since Adam and Eve. The testimony, received by Israel with the Holy Spirit felt externally, will then be fulfilled spiritually by Love in Jesus Christ, so that the old testimony will no longer be relevant. The people chosen by God as curators of the witness of the Lord God's passage on earth will thus be freed from their vocation, and into the ability to enter into divine Love in Jesus Christ. What the nations sought to impose Jesus on Israel, God could not allow until the Church itself had entered into the right fulfillment, until Satan was thrown onto earth and defeated. It will be the same in the couple and it is in this that there will be no more neither man nor woman emotionally and we will talk about it again in chapter 7-3.

The long work of the Millennium that is coming to the world will not necessarily be without difficulties, but today the opportunity is given to every human on earth, to turn to the Lord God in Jesus Christ and the Love of neighbor, or to follow the repressive system, which some already confuse with the fact that Jesus "will reign with an iron rod".

No societal system today, other than democracy, can tolerate this right to error, for the forgiveness of one's sins through repentance, as Jesus came to bring. The people who seek management by love, may take a thousand years to enter into the perfect divine will of Love, but will remain supported by Christ in this transition to divine Love in each and it is undoubtedly because of a lack of integrity of some, that Jesus will be led to reign with this iron rod, for he himself will be in the integrity of divine Love. This iron rod will therefore be justified, if only through climate change and the difficulties it already represents, but if the hand that will hold it will be firm, it will never be devoid of Love.

The difference between ruling with an iron rod in a democracy and iron-handed in the theocracies that are now trying to dominate the world is that in democracies it is the level of integrity in which everyone is held responsible for entering into their own personal questioning that drives their personal progress and advances the collective dimension. In a theocracy, the rules are imposed on everyone, at the risk of repression, which forces the use of a mode of operation by domination of his emotional system and prohibits the right to question his still egocentric love, towards that of real divine Love, which no one initially possesses on this earth. If today, the emotional quotient is used to better hide from the eyes of others, and often to oneself, bad programming opening rights to Satan over the human, artificial intelligence will have taken over from this surveillance, as is already the case in some theocracies.

These theocracies therefore already bring us the confirmation that it is impossible for them to enter into the divine objective, to bring the Love of the Holy Spirit to every human being to properly manage his conscience, because they already transpose as a divine justice, the mode of operation reserved for Lucifer become Satan. Jesus will therefore reign with an iron rod, but it will never be by using his emotional quotient to better dominate the lie of the old logic under tutelage, as the current theocracies are led to do.

Everyone is therefore faced with this choice today, either to sink into the drastic domination destined to disappear, and disappear with it, or to want to work on their own questioning. His hope is then to leave no flaw in him that would open rights to Satan, until one day to be able to Loved his neighbor as himself on this earth.

In Jesus Christ, God our Father did not come down to make our heart his home, so that we could meet it only in heaven. He is the God of the living and wants to lavish us with life in abundance, in his holiness, with all the happiness and fulfillment that this entails for each one and for all humanity.

Therefore, in order to confirm this divine purpose, we will now look at how Satan tries to delay his first sentencing of a thousand years, by training as many chosen people as possible, in his own repressive system. He knows that he has little time left to try to destroy by hatred on his "descendants" what Jesus took two thousand years to build. He has since long been concealed in an excessive demonization of its role, to better appear balanced today and justify its domination of the human in the eyes of those who have only took sides for God, without adding to it the divine Love to which Satan has no access. He seeks in this to pass himself off as the one called to reign with an iron rod, but it is up to us not to fall into the trap.